Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora w/$10 Gift Card with Pre-order at Best Buy


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Yes, its like AC Mirage, so glad I waited until price dropped and had credit, I still like it, but definitely not on par with ACV or ACO.
I'm not a big Avatar fan but all the gameplay I've seen of this game actually looks pretty cool. Looks like Far Cry but a lot of weird Avatar stuff you can play around with.
Best Buy also added a 15% off select headset offer which stacks on the already discounted eligible headsets.
It's crazy that I ore ordered this game from Target and just got a delayed till the 21st email. Like.. there's 7 copies in each of my local stores for pick up. They really don't want to let us use those glitches lol. I got the buy 2 get 1 free pre order, plus a 15% off cartwheel, plus my 5% cartwheel
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