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is a new site that I found that offers paypal cashouts and giftcards for free! Complete offers, surveys, and more and one of the best parts of all, cashout is only $1! Its that cheap! I'd Join Today before all the good offers are gone.

So, you obviously came to this thread because you want free stuff, mostlikely PSN Cards, Steam Cards, and Xbox Cards because this is a gaming site. With

What are GPTs?
A GPT is a site that rewards users for completing offers that require you to either sign up for websites or complete surveys. Most of these offers are quick and easy, making earning your cash with no hassle.

How it works
Some companies need people to give feedback on their products or companies (like your tendency to see a movie or how often you download apps on your smartphone) These companies offer to pay customers to fill out these surveys and they pay GPTs to advertise their survey. Some companies also pay to get more registered members. Prizerebel receives a portion of money for advertising and gives YOU the profit for completing the survey.

What prizes can I get?
Some prizes you can get from GPTs are Amazon cards (starting at $2), Microsoft Points (starting at $10) PSN Cards (starting at $10) Steam Cards (starting at $10) and paypal cash checkouts. Some of the larger prizes you can get are any video game for any console, or even a new console itself! Anything that you want that is not in the prize catalog can be bought via custom order as long as the item is from a trusted site like Amazon. Most of these requirements are a bit high, so if you want a quick cashout, I'd go with

Tips for Completing Offers
-Firefox is the preferred browser for using prizerebel, as offers seem to credit the fastest using Firefox, however Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome are all good browsers to use.
-ALWAYS clear your cookies between offers to receive your credits faster.
-ALWAYS be give out truthful information or else you may not get credited and possibly could get banned!

Have fun with your free stuff! Make sure to Sign up here! or Here
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