Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY XBox 360) for $9.99 @Target B&M.

CAG does it again!

I got a $10 copy at Target St. Peters, MO, and there were plenty of copies left (behind the plastic "prison").

I feel like I'm the last gamer to play this game - looking forward to playing for the first time tonight!
Snagged a copy in Springfield, Mo last weekend. Just be aware its nto compatible with saves from the non GOTY edition. But hey double achievements!
[quote name='Untamed Sorrow']People having any luck still finding this...[/QUOTE]

Just came back from target and they still have it for 9.99
Got a copy last night about 20 mins before closing. Gotta love target and their 11pm close time. Was marked as $20 but rang up for $10. Anyhow thanks to the op.
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