Best place to trade in Killzone Shadowfall


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Where would be the best place right now to trade in Killzone Shadowfall towards either Black Flag or Injustice?  

Any suggestions?

Sell it via Craiglist, like acthechamp said. Probably get more for it unless there's trade-in bonuses at different retailers.



Amazon  with Amazon, I think you'll get a $20 PSN credit bonus, so it technically comes out to $46 in value.

Might look on the Best Buy forum to see what it's going for over there.

Like eulogy said, any of those 3, and along with Best Buy.

Right now Best Buy will give you $30, and if you have a Gamer's Club Unlocked Membership, which adds $3, which makes it $33. GS has the best, but you'd have to take advantage of several promotions.

GS base is $20, and will give you an extra $10 for next gen trades, and add it with the Power Up Rewards coupon that adds $5 to the trade, and using your Power Up PRO Membership to get 10%, it makes it $37 total.

If you do trade it in to GS, you can buy a used copy of AC for $43.99 plus tax if you use the birthday coupon, and with the PRO membership, it makes it $39.59 before tax. You can do the same with Injustice, and since the used copy is on sale, it'd make it $35.99 and $28.79 before tax respectively. 

I really hope this helps you out!

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