CAG Gaming Group - Classic Game of the Week Thread


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I've seen a few people mention starting up a classic gaming night, but nothing's developed from it so I thought I might give it a whirl. Being the CAGs we are we get great deals on games, but the drawback on that is that we usually get games that don't have a lot of action online anymore because the games are usually older except for target clearances. I mean really, PGR 4 already??? I definitely want input from everyone in order to get this to work out as well as possible, but here are my thoughts:

Instead of one night a week which a lot of people may not be able to accomodate (I'd like to play but Lost is on!!!) how about we pick a classic game that is more difficult to get online games going in and concentrate on playing that game for the week. Maybe apply this to a XBLA game as well and maybe even original xbox games. We can have a poll each week and vote for the game of the week for next week and maybe try to include games that just got recent popular CAG deals such as The Outfit recently hit 5 at TRU, Burnout Revenge 7 at Sears, Prey 3 at Kmart, etc. We can start new CAG clans or reinvigorate old ones or list gamertags in the thread for the game of the week, but some games are probably so sparse it won't be hard to find CAG rooms.

Let's bounce some ideas around and I'll start building up the thread in a way that suits CAGs best.
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