CAG Multiplayer Meetups/Coop Crews (OVERWATCH ANNIVERSARY EVENT!)


This thread has been beyond dead for a while now, but with an influx of multiplayer games coming out (BF1, TF2, CoD, etc.) and Black Friday as well, maybe it can find some use. 

Pretty much same as before, make a post or use the wiki to find some friends to play with, make sure to specify game and platform. Maybe even list a time when you usually play, and whether you'd like to be invited automatically to a party, or if you'd like to be asked first.

I also want to lean this thread more towards the newer games, released in the fall, less for older ones like Overwatch and others. Unless say, Overwatch happened to launch a new character or holiday event, or a game like Battlefront and The Division releases a new expansion pack or DLC. 

Although this thread has low activity, I think it could be useful in the long run. I see a bunch of people on the CAG PSN community and on the deals forums always asking for others to play with, but it either doesn't get read or drowned out by other posts. With a thread dedicated to this, I think it can make things easier for everyone.


This thread is to find people to play multiplayer games with. I think. We talk about playing online all the time in the deals forum, but it's hard to arrange anything. So maybe we can try something like this for now.

I was thinking along the lines of editing the wiki to post meetup times for certain games, then using the thread posts to arrange things.

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I'm thinking of using this thread to arrange for multiplayer playtimes? I'm currently interested in playing Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies (4 player coop) and Uncharted 4 MP (10 player versus).

I also wouldn't mind playing some Dead Star (20 player versus) and Street Fighter V (8-player lobbies/1v1 fighting game).

Hit me up, or just leave a comment in the thread for your own suggestions/games.

PSN: Waffleswanton

Does invading as a dickwraith count as coop?


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Started playing some Blanc Zombies Multiplayer, surprisingly fun. My favorite thing about it is the chat function, where you get 9 pages of dialogue to use for each character, it's really a delight. Gameplay is nice too, basically the main game but with up to 4 players, and things get chaotic fast. The joy though comes from the huge boss fights.

I'm not sure which site Xbox users usually use, but for PSN, this is a good layout to set up co-op games ..tho most ppl currently use it for trophy boosting like 95% of the time
Yeah I use that site a lot, was hesitant on posting it since I thought it would be like advertising for other sites. But yeah, it's mainly for trophy boosting, and anyone can join a session. It's really good for setting up sessions though, maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

Forgot to add but name is below. Add me if you want usually play around 8 PM MST for Overwatch. I kind of want to play Heroes of the Storm too, played lots of LoL back in the day, but never tried out heroes.


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Started playing some Overwatch too, and I have to admit it's pretty fun. I'm not very good at it though, but I'm still learning. I play on PS4 btw. I haven't been able to translate my crazy TF2 skills into this one yet so don't expect amazing play or anything, but I'll play whatever role you guys need me too. Thanks!

Also will be playing lots of Overwatch (PC)  tomorrow night 8pm EST as everyone is out of town at my house so it will be headphones and overwatch all weekend probably. Want to hit lvl 25 if I can.

Battlenet: McFryyy #1757


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Sent requests for the couple PC Overwatch players. Would be nice to have people who are (hopefully) willing to communicate. Also added you lazy bastards to the wiki along with myself.

The only other thing I'm interested in playing would be Superfight on Steam through Tabletop Simulator. Doubt anything will come of that though. I wonder how cheap Tabletop Simulator will be in the Summer sale that starts in a month.

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I have been playing with my mic and yes I do appreciate people that play with them since it does require a decent amount of coordination though I heard the weirdest shriek earlier haha. It kind of hurt my ears.

There's a ton of people now and I can't really keep track of everyone, I'm just gonna make a PS4 community and invite everyone who happens to play overwatch, whether or not they know of this thread. Also makes it easier to arrange parties and groups.

There's a ton of people now and I can't really keep track of everyone, I'm just gonna make a PS4 community and invite everyone who happens to play overwatch, whether or not they know of this thread. Also makes it easier to arrange parties and groups.
I like it! Wanted to play lady might but my 2 year old got sick! I wanted to join up, but she woke up screaming 5 mins later
I have like no Battlenet friends  :cry:. CmdrZer0#1400 if any cags would like to add me. Overwatch is my current game of choice. I'm new to it and not great but I'm a team player. 

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Bumping this dead thread back from the grave. A zombie thread on Halloween...

Overwatch Halloween event ends on Nov 1st, and I wanted to take advantage of the extra 20% from playing with friends to grind out some more lootboxes. If anybody is interested, leave your IGN here. I use PS4/PSN, but maybe other people can find their Xbone and PC friends as well.

Again, mine is Waffleswanton.


Read the first post, pretty much bringing it back (2nd time) due to an influx of new multiplayer games coming out during the fall, and a bunch of people getting them on Black Friday. Want to focus on the newer games as well.

I got BF1 on PS4, getting TF2 on Black Friday, maybe CoD if it gets discounted enough.

I mostly play Overwatch (ps4), but I also recently got an Xbox One and have been playing a lot of FH3 and GoW4. My ID for both systems is draco259. I can play most times throughout the day, so feel free to add me on either system!

Edit: Also planning if getting TF2 on Black Friday, probably on PS4.
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Let's bump this baby up! I'm mostly on PS4, with Overwatch and WWE 2K17 owned now and Titanfall 2 should be on the way. I'm usually on in the 10:30 PM to 2:30 AM central time frame. I also do have Uncharted 4 and Last of Us Remastered as well as Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIV, whatever tickles your fancy. MKD0080 is my PSN^-^.

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I'm gonna revive this thread just because the Overwatch Anniversary event is live, and there seems to be a bunch of skins and items people want. It's a good place to find friends to grind loot boxes with. Pretty much just use the Wiki or post your info in this thread.

There's also a "CAG Overwatch Group" in the PS4 communities if anyone wants to join. Look it up or leave me a pm and I'll invite you.

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