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I'm going to drop out of the Advance Warfare group. I got booted off PSN again. Worked fine late last night.

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I think it's to the point now with psn we will be getting free stuff afterwards. This is ridiculous.
Not Sonys fault. Near impossible to counter a ddos attack. Personally I don't feel entitled to anything except the days of plus that were used. Two days isn't a huge deal. Script kiddies won't be ddosing more than another day or two at best unless they're turbo nerds with no jobs/school
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Not sure why you're bothered since you only play that Dragon Age foolishness.
Thats the thing dragon age wont load past checking EA servers. it remains in that loop. who would have thought.

I think it's to the point now with psn we will be getting free stuff afterwards. This is ridiculous.
We didnt get anything free last lizard squad attack. and Sony was literally offline for a month when we got free stuff. I remember those days i actually went deep into backlog to finish campaigns that i ignored due to multiplayer. My trophy list got a huge boost that year

This means free games like that hack by NeoGeo years ago....YAY
Was it confirmed to be Neo Geo and were they ever caught?

Dizz just turn off internet on your ps4 to remedy that ea problem. I'm playin dragon age fine right now. I haven't been able to connect to the da servers for weeks
Can't connect to the damn psn webstore and I have a dman gamehsare to buy with smtipple....

Lucky for you qdizzle I deactivated the account before the hack happened.

Your Welcome

Sony wasn't attacked on Christmas and dealing with major lash back from new customers last time either.

I bet you we get something for free. I don't feel entitled to anything personally. But if I had to guess.. Maybe a month of ps plus for free or a game.
Apparently only Plus members will be getting a free game. If this is true, shame on them. They shouldn't even open that can of worms.
Can't wait for my free copy of duck dynasty

Anonymous had targeted Seaworld when we help host one of their online Shareholder forums and we hired a cyber consultant that reviewed their network and pinpointed possible points that Anonymous could attack. Fixed the issues and Anonymous did try a DDoS but didn't affect our event and we signed a nice contract with Seaworld. Now why can't Sony do the same thing unless their security is crap like what everyone is saying. Going back to finishing up my trophies in Shadow of Modor and hopefully my son will be able to get a few rounds of Garden Ops tomorrow morning.

Apparently only Plus members will be getting free games. If this is true, shame on them. They shouldn't even open that can of worms.
Oh yeah


Yes I'm going to trust a non-affiliated twitter account when they say we'll be getting free games. ;) I don't think anyone should be getting excited about anything unless they post something on the blog about it.
Looking for shares to buy or rent of Sleeping Dogs, Warriors 3, Sherlock Holmes, Wolfenstein, infamous:second son, Guilty Gear, Destiny, Ground Zeroes and Styx for PS4.
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Are my eyes deceiving me or do I see DA:I for $40 on the Store?

Anyone down to make a group for that? Also how are your guys opinions on Inquisition? I liked Origins but I never bought DA2.

P.S. Snakey, dat avatar hnggg

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If u no longer want to pls any games till u complete Dai then yeah. It's that addictive.
P.S stay away from Josephine she is taken
So many games to play, yet I'm still playing Destiny almost every day... It's the best bad game I've ever played.

Just got TWD Season 2, aww yiss dat sale.


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For everyone that is unable to log on PS4s still, try changing your MTU in connection settings to 1473, it is reported to get a bunch of people back online, myself included.

On the 3rd day of the PSN being down Sony gave to me:

3 Engineers, think one of them is named Al.

2 pissed of kids that can't play garden warfare.  Should had built an offline mode.

1 reason I should had bought a WiiU.  If only it was on sale.

Happy holidays everyone

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For Sale:
Bound by Flame Phantom - $10
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition Phantom - $14
Thief Phantom - $8 (or rent for $1/week)
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Phantom - $8 (or rent for $1/week)
Watch Dogs + Season Pass Phantom - $13 (or rent for $1.50/week)
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag + Season Pass Phantom - $4
Battlefield 4 + Premium + all expansions Phantom - $7
Bayonetta + Mirror's Edge Phantom - free (regulars only) (pending)
Bioshock + Bioshock 2 + Minerva's Den + Bioshock Infinite + Season Pass Phantom - $4
Child of Light [UK] Phantom - $1
Dark Souls II + all crown DLC Phantom - $7
Diablo 3 (vanilla) Phantom - free (regulars only)
Dishonored + all trophy DLC Phantom - $3
Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen [UK] Phantom - free (regulars only)
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance + all trophy DLC Phantom - $3
MGS 2 HD + MGS 3 HD + MGS:pW HD [UK] Phantom - free (regulars only)
Resident Evil 4 HD + DmC + Vergil's Downfall + Costume pack + Puppeteer + Fatal Frame Phantom - $4
TLOU + Season Pass Phantom - $6
Available for rent (per week):
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag + Season Pass - $1
Child of Light [UK] - $0.50
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition - $1.50
Entwined - $0.25
Grand Theft Auto V - $1.50
Infamous First Light - $0.50
Killzone Shadow Fall + season pass - $1

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $0.75
Need for Speed Rivals - $1
Shadow Warrior - $1.25
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition- $1.50
The Last of Us Remastered - $1
Wolfenstein: TNO - $1.50
Currently being rented:
PS4: (per week)
Alien: Isolation - $1.50
Assassin's Creed Unity - $1.50
Battlefield 4 + Premium - $1
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - $1
Destiny + Expansion Pass - $1.50
Dragon Age: Inquisition - $1.50 
Driveclub + Season Pass - $1.50
Far Cry 4 -$1.50 (out for a while)
Metro Redux - $1.50
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor + Season Pass - $1.50 (out for a while)
The Evil Within - $1.50
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For Sale (All PS3 Phantoms)

Grand Theft Auto V  - $4

Persona 4 Arena Ultimate Edition w/all DLC - $5

Tales Ultimate Bundle (Tales of Xillia, Grace F, Symphonia, Symphonia: Dawn of New World) - $10

Need For Speed: Rivals - $4

Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus & Quest For Booty - $3

Mass Effect Trilogy + Fight Night Champion - $8

Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns (+ few costume DLCs) - $5

Record of Aragast War Bundle (1,2,Zero) - $8

Tears to Tiara II - $7

The Last of Us w/Season Pass - $5

Zone of the Enders HD Collection - $3

Saints Row 4 + Season Pass - $5





GTA V $8.00 (Have 1)

Mass Effect 1 $2.00

Dark Souls 2 Vanilla and South Park Stick of Truth $15.00

Battlefield 4 vanilla $5.00


Game of Thrones Episode 1 $.50 every 3 days 1 dollar a week. (Rented till till Wednesday by iwarboy)

Feel free to PM me with offers or questions.. Just trying to sell off shares I have accumulated.
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Finally back on after rebooting my router.  Just saw that Lizard Squad is following me on Twitter so not sure what to say about that.  Going to go back to playing some EDF tonight if anyone feels like playing with me.  Online is still broken but did get a few good rounds in on Christmas so there is still hope.

Ps4 resell Costume Quest $5
Ps4 resell Lego Batman 3 with season pass $25
Xbox One Assassins Creed Unity & Black Flag codes $25

Will take PayPal, Amazon, PS+ time, 50cents on the dollar with food stamps, gently used crack whores or whatever else you may want to offer.

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bread's done