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Cheapy, any chance you are going to give The Division 2 another chance? It has great Metacritic reviews and is an excellent shooter!

Also, is anyone playing Days Gone?

Just got one comment for now. I think you guys need to advertise where people can post cag questions. Some time ago, I didn't know where that was. There may be listeners who will be encouraged to post questions more if you tell them its on the forums and where more often. 

Hey Cheapy and Ship - got probably a common question about your time in Japan.  I'm traveling with my family to Tokyo and Kyoto for a vacation in a few weeks.  I'm interested in any suggestions you might have for a first timer.  I'm hoping to listen to the show after your trip, Ship but I'm not sure which one that  was.  We are staying for 4 nights in Shinjuku and 4 nights in Akihabara with 2 nights in between in Kyoto.  I'd sure appreciate any suggestions to help with our trip.  

Wombat you are the funniest mofo in the podcast world - I laugh at every one of your stupid dad jokes.  Even if no one else does.  


Couple of questions and 1 comment

1. If Donald Trump passes a tariff on electronics being imported from China (which he is threatening to do), what impact do you think this will be for the video game industry?

2. I heard that Facebook owns the Oculus VR company. Since Facebook is in the news for having PR problems (accepting ads from Russia, sharing private information of it's users etc), could this stifle sales of the Oculus Rift in the future? An example would be: A person would not want to use Oculus Rift to watch VR porn if they knew that Facebook was collecting data from them.

And for my comment, CheapyD mentioned a medieval fighting game in last weeks podcast but I did not know who to spell the title when I googled it. Can you add the names of the games you've mentioned in the show notes? 

Great job on the podcast as always!!

Can wombat go over his coffee drinking routine for work again?

I remember him talking about it along with stackers but I can't recall the exact episode.

Just got a new job and would really appreciate the advice. Thanks
Hey CagTeam,

I heard about Shipwreck's Plex Server I am interested in building one. ( Legal One) I have a bunch of DVDs I would like to be able to rip and have access via my Phone.  If Shipwreck could point me in the right direction of getting started and did you create any custom client that people could access?

Cheapy were you a kickstarter backer of The Last Arcade? I saw your name in the credits. Wombat if you were in there too, sorry I missed it. It was a long and non alphabetical list
After watching the E3 presentations for MS, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Squeenix, I can confidently say that the pizza cutter was the best thing to come out of E3 this year
Hey guys, I thought i would back Wombat up on Rainbow six.  I am not usually a fan of too many shooters and prefer RPG, adventure, and sim games(sim city, cities skylines, etc) and most certainly am not a fan of competitive multiplayer shooters. I however really really enjoy Rainbow Six and still play Terrorist hunt regularly to this day. Through the years I've noticed that Ship and I share similar tastes in games (for the most part) and I think he would enjoy it. Give the Terrorist hunt mode a try as it is much more enjoyable, for me anyway, as opposed to the competitive multiplayer portion of the game. I haven't enjoyed a shooter this much since Borderlands 2 and feel that the team behind Rainbow six nailed the gun mechanics and the real sense of teamwork in the game. Wombat- if you ever want someone to team up with add me on xbox, PS4, steam (Orbshunter) I'm always down to play (usually on weekends) Thanks for being the only podcast that i allow notifications for, well yours and Fatman beyond (kevin smith's podacst)

Great show as ever guys, long time listener.

Cheepy, having just finished the main story on Assassins Creed Odyssey, I was compelled to contact you!

Totally laughed out loud at the ending. I don’t know which was funnier, abruptness of the turnaround or the comedy wrestling! If only it was that easy to turn a Girl by  just putting your Spear in their hand (!)

Keep up the good work guys.

P.S. can we get some more drunk sounding slow mo’s at the end of the next episode? They are different, but also good J

Cheapy you mentioned you had watched the latest Ip Man - was it Ip Man 3 or 4? Ip-Man 4 is coming out later this year...

With NES and now SNES games being a feature of Switch Online, it looks like Nintendo has abandoned the concept of the Virtual Console.  Do you think they'll make more money long-term on these subscriptions than they would have by selling these games a la carte?

Why were so little f*cks given to the Blizzard controversy.
You played Overwatch for a long time. I think all of you are big Diablo fans. Do you intend to in some way let Blizzard know with your money or otherwise that what they did was not OK? Or do you think it's all business as usual? After playing hearthstone non stop for four years I decided to stop unless Blizzard addressed complains. They did end up giving the banned player his money he already earned and reduced his and the caster bans to six months. So while I have decided to continue playing after the changes as a way to voice my disagreement I will move to be a free to play hs player and will not give them my money again.
C heapy, did your standing desk help your back pain? Do you still use one? I read that you're supposed to be up and about rather than sitting all day, so I'm curious about them. Thanks and keep on randomly belching mid-sentence.

Why do you think Google has rushed Stadia to market as a purchasable product when xCloud has been (and will be) in beta for quite awhile until Microsoft feels like it's ready? It's even stranger since Google's own OS (Android) is the target platform for Microsoft's own streaming platform. You'd think they would partner with Microsoft on it the way Sony has for cloud gaming tech, but I'm assuming Google has so much money to burn that they don't care.

I have no interest in streaming console games on a phone, but the Windows 10 xCloud which comes out in 2020 may be something I use, especially when on the road.

@Cheapy - Can you recommend a table tennis paddle for my dad as a good Christmas present this year? He is a fairly serious player, so wondering what high end paddles are currently the hotness. Thanks!

The Xbox Series X was just announced. How do you guys feel about that name? A few weeks ago, Wombat randomly referred to the future console as the "Xbox 3000." I started to run with that idea a bit, and thought about how the Xbox 4000 would have actually been a pretty good name. It would have been the fourth generation of Xboxes, and plus they could easily market that as the Xbox 4K, a resolution they are obviously going to push.
We already knew that Cheapy likes to beat little kids at ping pong.

Now we know that Wombat likes to beat little kids at Fortnite.

So what does Shipwreck like to beat little kids at?

I'd like to imagine Ship at the local elementary school basketball courts dunking over those kids on their 8 foot rims.

Am I wrong?

My wife and I are expecting our first baby (a boy!) in a few gamer dads of children of varying ages, what was your experience raising children in a video game-friendly household? Wish us luck!!!

Wombat, how is your health journey going in the new year?  Have you ever tried weight lifting?  I myself hate cardio and never see much result from it, so lifting weights and keeping track of the numbers going up always worked better for me.  As someone who has suffered from depression their whole adult life, it seems to be helpful in that regard.  Rooting for you and hope to hear some some good news in the future. 

Even though I am not a weekly viewer of these shows, I liked Crisis on Infinite Earths all right. Since all of these DC Comics series are streaming, any other “Crossovers” or cool standalone story arcs you recommend?
Why did you guys choose Xbox over PlayStation this generation as your main system for all of your gaming I already asked this in depth on Twitter I finally just got on it. Only took 10 years lol
It was from the previous show but not this one.  Running with Cheapy's idea about turning the fire truck into a food truck, I thought of a name Shipwreck could use for his fire truck food truck.  Completely original, not inspired any other company.  "Fire Truck Subs."  You can even promote that you'll donate one hundredth of a cent on every sale to the local fire department in that area to get all the suckers to buy into the idea that buying your food is going to a good cause(which not to say it's not going to a good cause, but the amount is pitiful.)   

Why do you bash the game passes indiscriminately? If you love the game (Fortnite, Borderlands, or Harry Potter Hockey Battles) why wouldn't you want to pay $10 or $20 for packs of maps, characters or new weapons? I am all with you about paying for skins, not worth it for me. But I wouldn't pay to get my nails painted either. I'm sure you solo polish as well. But I won't hate on those that pay for polish.

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My wife and I are expecting our first baby (a boy!) in a few gamer dads of children of varying ages, what was your experience raising children in a video game-friendly household? Wish us luck!!!
Keep the games away from the kids as long as you can. Board games and educational games until you have no choice. Once school starts you will lose control. And kiss goodbye to binge gaming for about 18 years.

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Thoughts on the Switch version of Witcher 3 offering cross-save with Steam & GOG?  Seems like a pretty win-win prospect to me.  Apparently a few other Switch games have offered PC cross-save as well, so I hope this continues to catch on.

Do you think we are at a point that controllers have reached their maximum potential? For example, if you compared a NES controller to a Xbox One controller, the transition was huge. However, in the past 20 years, controllers have stayed relatively the same. Could there be a new enhancement to a controller that would blow people's minds?

Amazingly enough the system I am most excited for is the Evercade handheld system that is making physical cartridge compilations with manuals and cases. The recently announced Atari Lynx Volume 1 is a great way to get $200 value worth of games at a great price ($20) with a better screen then that stock Lynx systems. Is Shipwreck going to pick one up? For $200 you get the system and the first ten cartridges with over 100 fully licensed games. 

Given Sony's and Geoff Keighley's prior announcements that they wouldn't be participating, does the pandemic allow the E3 Organizers to save face? 

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Hello Everyone. Great show as usual.

I have a question. As we all know the Coronovirus has slowed down the gaming industry and there could be gaps in the new release schedule sometime in the future. Are there any old games that you would like to go back and finish? This is a question for all three of you.

Thanks! Stay healthy everyone!

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I have always thought that occasionally having guest stars would be a great feature, which was proven by the inclusion of Wombat's offspring. Any plans to include more guest stars in the future?

Cheapy said during the last Cagcast that there were requests for more ping pong videos.

Saw Cheapy post a video of himself playing ping pong vs. a table earlier this week.

My question is:  Where was that old falling tree when we needed it? 

Have any of you guys tried Totally Reliable Delivery Service?  It's Overcooked meets Octodad.  Real hit in my family, I suspect some of yoy might like it.

Also, Cheapy needs to try Eleven Table Tennis on Oculus Quest - it's the best table tennis video game ever made (and not being tied up in wires, it's a must play on the Quest).

bread's done