CAGBRO Hearthstone Tournament

I would prefer Wild since we are using random decks, it gives us a much bigger card pool to pull from. The standard set is much smaller and a lot of the cards in the new expansion are designed to work with a specific card that probably wont get put in your deck.
I'm up for whatever makes the game funner for everyone, so it seems like wild it is. I'm also a total noob at Hearthstone, but I just happen to organize these things.

So far we have 4-5 people. Last time we had 8 I think.

If we don't get enough for a tourney we could always just have a night where people just play each other for fun.

I guess we should be dropping our Blizzard IDs too.

Cg8889 is my ID


Alright, OP updated with info. Please add each other in the game for the tournament. If we end up having 6 people, we can split into groups of three, play each person in said group twice. The two people in each group with the best record play each other as a semi-final and the winners from each group would face off in the finals.

Do we need to add all participants to our friends list?

Disregard, typed earlier then saw it was answered after I submit ;)

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Alright, so the tourney was not finished tonight.  It started running long and so people had to go.

So far we need Voken to play Eldredpe in the semi-final for group A.

cg8889 advanced from Group B and MIz will be in the third place game.

Hopefully people can finish their games on their own time and we can get this finished eventually.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. 

I should be good to play any day this weekend

Thanks for organizing, it was fun! Nice to get some new additions to the friends list :D
Tournament was fun. Next time we should move away from random decks and have special restrictions instead, something like only minions with odd number of health or only minions with battery. 

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