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Cheapy samples (and sweats on) the HTC Vive and enjoys the Dreadnaught beta, Wombat is killing everyone in Party Hard, and Shipwreck plays old games and stuff.  We also talk Nintendo’s bleak immediate future and so much more!

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Intro -   That Trumpet Track (Original Mix), Gina Turner, Tony Quattro
Outro - 1977 MEGO Micronauts Commercial

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I guess you can listen to Wombat's other podcast, Uninformed Opinions.

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At Pax South they were using DDR pads for Western Press.

I watched a GDC talk where the guy behind VR experiences at Disney Parks said VR Headsets are huge health hazards and that pink eye is very easy to get. He said that the 3D glasses are washed every single time after every use for example in a nearby on site area. Because of that VR at Dave and Busters is a no go imo. Sure at cons you get a guy standing there wiping down the headset every time, but I doubt a Dave & Busters employee is going to care to wipe down the headset after someone is done playing.

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Renegade is outdated compared River City Ransom. I'm waiting for the 3DS version coming out later this year.

I don't care about actual PS3 backwards compatibility, because those games must be hard enough considering it is the Cell architecture. What I really want is to be able to play my PSN games, like the Neo Geo Station or the Capcom Arcade Classics. Week after week I hear Shipwreck highlight the newest Arcade Classic, forcing gamers to possibly rebuy a game they probably got in the last generation, or even two years ago. These games definitely use less resources than a God of War or a GTA. Sony, like Microsoft, should work on making those "simpler" games work on the newer systems.

And how about bringing back the Direct Input Driver?  I"d like to use my SNES or PS1 controller via USB like on the PS3? The Skullgirls Developers already made it, Sony can improve it.

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Hey Cheapy, is that the same Japanese place you mentioned that had great ramen?

BTW the HVAC guy just left. They have to open up the ceiling in the garage to fix something :whistle2:(
Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it never ends :/

The vive sounds like the way VR should be, but the requirements for it seem like it's not going to be more than a niche thing.

I noticed that Wombat's balls get brought up a lot

Also in CAGcast #318 when wombat started talking about his recently purchased 3DS XL, cheapy asked "seriously wombat, what do you think of it for real?" in which wombat exclaimed "I love it actually, I am in love with the 3DS". What has changed in these three years that has caused you to be so dismissive with the 3DS?

As always great show, definitely could tell Cheapy was feeling a bit down with his family away.
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Minute 46- Are people really going to want to play a Call of Duty remake?

Minute 50- You guys gotta play this Ratchet and Clank remake!
       Hey Cheapy How about that epic story you promised us that you never told when you went to America right before you moved. I believe it was when Shipwreck and Wombat took over hosting duty. I recall you couldn't say anything till some time pass.  

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I watched a GDC talk where the guy behind VR experiences at Disney Parks said VR Headsets are huge health hazards and that pink eye is very easy to get.
This is why I refuse to try the stupid VR headsets now showing up on some Six Flags rollercoasters. I don't trust the average amusement park seasonal employee to clean the sweaty grime of previous riders off those things.
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I don't get why Wombat was so dismissive of Overwatch. I didn't get into the previous betas, but one of my friends said she happened to like using Mercy, who is a support character. 

Hey Cheapy How about that epic story you promised us that you never told when you went to America right before you moved. I believe it was when Shipwreck and Wombat took over hosting duty. I recall you couldn't say anything till some time pass.
This is causing me to lose sleep at night
Just picked up a Steam Link after hearing Cheapy talk about it a couple episodes ago. It's been working great on my 5Ghz network with the best-looking stream option selected.

Have you guys tried the Steam Controller yet? I've heard that it's both good and bad, so not I'm not sure if I should plunk down for it or not. I'm using my Elite controller at the moment, but would like something that could be useful in FPS and top down games like Cities Skylines.

Also - let's hear that story already. I toss and turn every night wondering what it could be.
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Also, I think you have it wrong about The Division. Ubisoft did not shoehorn the online multiplayer. The original concept was just like the darkzone, only that was basically premise for the entire game. I think they shoehorned in making it a single player game with matchmaking. They probably realized that all darkzone, all the time would turn off a bunch of people.
It was my idea first Wombat!

In case anyone is wondering about the Magic Hat and Rochester, NY connection.  Rochester has the very large Genesee Brewing Company that has a lot of extra capacity.  Smaller breweries, like Magic Hat, will contract these larger breweries to brew and bottle/can their beers.  It's a win-win situation.  The smaller brewers meet the demand for their craft beer product, and the older breweries get to make more use of their facilities and space that would be sitting idle.  Without this relationship a lot of the older big breweries like F.X. Matt (makers of Utica Club and Saranac) -- who contract craft for Brooklyn, Flying Dog, Boston Beer Co., Pete's, Harpoon, et al, would possibly have to go out of business.

I think that Cheapy's experience of having to stop every 15 minutes and take a break from VR is going to vary wildly from person to person. Giant Bomb hosted hours long streams for both the Oculus and Vive launch (seriously, they were like 12 hours long apiece). While it was not one person playing the entire time, the guys would take 1 to 2 hour shifts before switching off, never taking the headset off during that time. They never commented on having to take a breather. They seemed a bit disoriented after taking the headset off, but that was it. (And they're all in their 30s/early 40s, so it's not just because they're young whippersnappers.)

I totally agree with Cheapy in that it really doesn't seem like there are many worthwhile experiences out there yet, though. Just going by watching the GB guys playing through all the games, they all seem like 20-30 minute diversions at best and then you're done with that game. It's the type of thing that you'd want to go try out at a friend's house, but not own yourself to use daily. Which I know is exactly what Cheapy has been saying. I still want to try it for myself, but there's no way I'd spend any amount of money on it (assuming I had enough money in the first place).

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Wombat, I share your concerns about Overwatch quickly becoming a non-casual game. At least in my experience, it didn't take long for my Team Fortress 2 and Left For Dead 2 experiences to make me feel like I was the only one on the team not pulling their weight.

Your comment of "fun for a week" is about how long it will take for a smaller % of avid gamers to get really, really good at it. I felt the same way about Splatoon. I want to play Overwatch, but will probably be so bad compared to the hardcore gamers I would hate to let down the team.

If the new Doom doesn't have a deathmatch or free-for-all, the I'll will happily just play the single player campaign.

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[SIZE=medium]I also have to agree with Wombat about his FPS online multiplayer assessment. The online curve is so steep and brutal these days that the casual FPS player stands virtually no chance. Even when playing a “casual FPS” such as Splatoon or Star Wars Battlefront, getting killed every 30-60 seconds by a guy you never even saw eventually sucks the fun out and ultimately frustrates to the point of putting the game down for good.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]That being said, FPS game[/SIZE][SIZE=medium] series with a robust campaign such as CoD, Halo, Gears, Half-Life, Borderlands, etc. rank among some of my all-time favorites.  I’ve played them all to completion with very little trouble. I don’t know where the disconnect is.  I can cruise though these campaigns even on higher difficulties. But when I go online, I instantly become easy pickings for everyone and consistently find myself at the bottom of the leaderboard every single match. This has led me to avoid all of the upcoming “Bone Storms” and anything else without a proper campaign.  Star Wars Battlefront was the last straw. I’m just not interested in paying $48 (or more) to be frustrated anymore.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]I used to be good online. But I’m pushing 40 now. I guess my twitch skills just aren’t what they used to be.   Sigh….[/SIZE]

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CheapyD only being able to use the Vive for 15 minutes at a time is weird. I am older than him and get motion sickness easily and I have no problems being in there for hours?? I don't get hot like he was complaining about. I have also only hit the wall once in the two weeks I have owned it.

Some of the other things he said are legit. But this is only a month old with the consumer versions. You get used to the cord and quickly learn to step over it without thinking. Also a lot of the games are basic looking. But watching a video in no way e is able to convey being there. Plus think of these as launch games. Only gets better from here.

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