CAGcast #473: Skyrim the Stress Away


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Cheapy plans redemption for Palmer Luckey and Nintendo, Shipwreck loves Titanfall 2, and Wombat is playing Skyrim again.
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Intro -   Danelle - Magic Hats
Outro - M.A.S.K. commercial

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I guess you can listen to Wombat's other podcast, Uninformed Opinions.

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I must be the only person excited to have a mobile and home console all in one.  For Shipwreck and Cheapy who talked about just wanting the home console with no screen I ask have you never had your wife or kids take over the TV?  I can see my wife having friends over to the house chatting away in the living room and my daughter having friends over watching Gilmore Girls on the other TV.  Having a portable solution I could take into the bedroom or someplace quiet will come in handy not to mention being able to play games at my desk over lunch will be nice.  To all three of you wait until your kids are in sports and you are sitting there between games for an hour or more.  That said I wonder if Nintendo will do what Sony did when they released PS Vita then a year or two later they released the Vita TV.

Wombat, Glad to hear your enjoying Skyrim, I am going to start that this weekend.  I am wondering how well it will play over Remote Play on either the PS Vita or on my PC.

After listening to Cheapy I am getting interested in the VR experience.  Not $350 ready, but if someone is dumping theirs for $200 on CraigsList or some Facebook group page I will probably jump at that point.

I actually liked CheapyD's NX idea, especially when he's usually dour on Nintendo. I would consider buying an "underpowered" console at the same price as the tablet, like $200. It would be great! Heck if Nintendo was clever enough (they aren't) they could use the tablet/console bundle to bring out the "Pro" version of the Switch, as it could run on two Tegra processors instead of one.

Besides, from what I hear about non-Nintendo games these days with performance issues on superior hardware, would it be that bad if Nintendo was underpowered? I heard that Skyrim was still glitchy, which is why Bethesda is unwilling to send out early copies to "journalists."

I am surprised that AtGames made the Atari compilations, as Shipwreck describes the menus like somebody put enough thought into designing them.

And regarding the Best Buy GCU deal on the main page, have any one of you updated your membership yet or are you going Amazon Prime this year?

Sounds like all three of you had a nice halloween. Did anybody go into a haunted house?

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Before I could see Nintendo making a tv only Switch because it would be cheaper.

But not now as convinced.  For one, the name.  The name makes it more difficult for them to then release a tv-only version for less money because the marketing is all about how you can take your games on the go.

I think their handheld is still bigger than the console.  

I think just keeping one sku is so much simpler and easier for consumers to wrap their head around and easier for retailers.

I think even if you don't use a handheld much, that just being able to easily switch your console between tvs would be a big plus assuming they would sell extra docks for cheap.  

Also I think there's another a gimmick left for them to reveal.  It seems so obvious to me that the Switch is a form factor that is tailor made to do VR in the future.  I could even see them doing a $60 VR game this gen with a pair of goggles packed in.

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I really don't care about a touch screen Switch, Id rather they just focus on it being like a giant Game Boy Advance. It would be pretty annoying having to touch it when using the joy cons detached plus you risk knocking it over when its standing upright.
Speaking of Nintendo accessories, how long before Nintendo sells me a $50 piece of cardboard to strap the tablet to my head? Nintendo Switch VR, 720p vomit edition.
It's kind of interesting to hear the gang pitching Playstation TV for 20 minutes. A portable console made cheaper, like a little Apple TV and it only works with your TV, no touch support? Your saves work between the two automatically, no buying games twice?

Yep, that's Playstation TV (Vita TV).

Of course, it's a little difference because a "Switch TV" would have Nintendo games on it. But I'm not sure that it's actually a good idea. It encourages developers to not use what your console can offer, but instead the intersection of the portable and less capable home device.

I'm sure Nintendo will put out a home tv only version of the switch eventually (depending on how buyers react), but I think that Nintendo wants to focus on one version at launch and not have multiple versions available to confuse consumers. People had enough trouble with the WiiU not being an accessory or upgrade to the Wii, let alone trying to explain to them all the different versions of the Switch that are possible.

Keep it simple/singular in the beginning, then expand based on market demands.

One thing I was wondering,  Is the Shield comparison really apt?  From what I have read, the Shield tablet can only process android games internally and uses streaming/cloud for the PC games.  With Switch having to process everything internally, the power draw from the internal parts could be a big reason why they went with 720p and not 1080p.

I have to imagine Switch wanted a 1080p screen, but with it supposedly only having a 3 hour battery life at 720p, bumping it up to 1080 might lower that significantly.

Also, I'm curious to see Shipwreck's total time in Borderlands 2 across all the consoles vs. Wombat's time in Skyrim. 

Help me understand how you guys are playing Skyrim AGAIN?!!!!!   I played Skyrim for  112 hours...  I can't do it again.  Although the B1G1 40% off is truly tempting.  

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Also, I'm curious to see Shipwreck's total time in Borderlands 2 across all the consoles vs. Wombat's time in Skyrim.
I thought of that as well but Shipwreck played Borderlands 2 all around the same time while Wombat is playing Skyrim again about 5 years from the first time.
Cheapy, sorry I can't remember if you discussed it on the podcast, but are you picking up a PS4 Pro?  I saw several VR titles were listed as receiving updates and I'm curious to hear about how the experience improves with the boost in hardware power.

Cheapy, sorry I can't remember if you discussed it on the podcast, but are you picking up a PS4 Pro? I saw several VR titles were listed as receiving updates and I'm curious to hear about how the experience improves with the boost in hardware power.
He has a PS4 Pro preordered
Wombat is right on Skyrim.  6 years ago I beat the game with a classic 2 handed warrior.  I then beat the game again with a cat-person archer/assassin.  I picked the remaster at launch and have been great enjoying my new Dark Elf spellsword who summons demons.  It's familiar but at the same time a new experience playing such a different way,

The mods help cut through the clutter, even the half catalog they released for PS4.  It allows for all the enjoyment without the constant hassles of stores running out money making selling you stuff slow or constant weight penalties forcing you to go to town all the time or whatever else would scare you off from another play through.  Since I already beat this game twice I have no problem skipping the annoying stuff and focusing on the fun.

I understand Shipwreck's reluctance but if you don't need to get every achievement and conquer every quest this isn't a 200 hour game.  It's an old friend I can enjoy while also playing other games for the next 6 months.

I like your ideas about the Switch, but Nintendo's whole selling point is the "switch" aspect. So I can't see them doing a smaller home only console along side tablet. Would certainly be nice if they did however.

I find it funny how between the big three shooters this holiday:

Battlefield 1 was crazy hyped, that crazy youtube trailer with a million likes, opposed to the complete opposite with Infinite Warfare which was panned across the internet.

Both Call of Duty and Titanfall have received alot of praise for the campaigns where as Battlefield (the only one i've played) was super generic and I was pretty bored of it. Too bad TF2 was sent out to die by EA with a completely terrible release date.

Also when you guys spoke about Wombat visiting stores preaching about Skyrim I instantly thought of the crazy dude in Whiterun. So Wombat is effectively already in the game!


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How soon until we start to see rumors of " New Super Mario Bros. Switch"? Nintendo has been consistent with "New super mario bros. Wii" and "New Super Mario Bros. U".
If cheapy could get the mailman to try PSVR I think there'd be something really special to discuss on the next cagcast.

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I like your ideas about the Switch, but Nintendo's whole selling point is the "switch" aspect. So I can't see them doing a smaller home only console along side tablet. Would certainly be nice if they did however.
I never thought of that but I think you are right.

If Nintendo really wants people to warm up to the idea of a home/portable console all in one, I think they need to develop some sort of MMORPG. Something with the same game mechanics as Destiny an The Division. A game that has daily and weekly missions as well as some grinding to build up your character. When obsessive people like myself can take this thing to work and play a few missions over a break or over our lunch hour at work I think they will really latch onto the idea. I was so addicted to Destiny an The Division I bought a second used PS4, used TV, and a battery and power inverter. I would play in my car over my lunch hour just to get a little more experience for my character each day. I know what some might be thinking why not just use a Vita or some other Remote Play device. The answer is Remote Play requires a ton of bandwidth and some pretty fast connection speeds. But using the portable system I setup and setting up a cellular WiFi hotspot I only used a few hundred meg each day. A Mario or Zelda themed MMORPG could be just what the Switch needs to really have a great launch.

I like Cheapy's $200 idea too, but agree with everyone here saying it won't happen.  It's too bad because really, how well is a $300 Nintendo system going to sell when you can get an Xbox One or PS4 these days for close to $200 with more power, better third party support, etc.

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Thanks for the info on Skyrim Wombat, definitely going to pick this up on Black Friday.  Ship has also convinced me to get Titanfall 2.  Can't wait to hear Cheapy's PS4 Pro experience. 

Thanks for putting out content for so many years CAG crew.  I've been away from the boards for a few years, but I never stopped listening to the podcast.  You guys are great.

Headspace!  Oh man, I appreciate that namedrop!  I'd heard it mentioned elsewhere a while ago, but I'd long forgotten the name by the time I remembered I wanted to check it out, and I just didn't have it in me to comb through hours of Penn Jillette talking about his perpetual hard-on for Bob Dylan and how much weight he's lost on his stone soup diet to find that one ad they ran on his podcast.

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