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This week, the gang talks PS4 Pro impressions, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Black Friday 2016, and difficulty obtaining Sausage Party t-shirts.
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I guess you can listen to Wombat's other podcast, Uninformed Opinions.

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Just a few minutes in and I'm already laughing at Cheapy's "motherfucker" and Ship's "Smooooth."
Thank you CheapyD for gripping us with your tale of annoyance. I'm still anxious about the results of the election, disappointed at those who sat by, not so much on those who were motivated by fear and ignorance. I was shocked that this Best Buy took this long to solve this stuff out, as my experience was more like Wombat at Target. Reminds me of my guide hunting days, as clerks were just so lax about their jobs.

I really should check out Peanuts. My boss really liked the movie, and he was surprised considering the garbage Hollywood churns out.

Wow "CheapyD" can't be bothered to save 5 to 10 dollars on a game. Imagine if he had that mindset long ago, this site would never exist.

It may have been because of the long story but again there was a lack of pulling user feedback/questions for this weeks show. Its almost got to the point where Cheapy should stop asking really. I think it gives his listeners hope that they will be acknowledged but it just doesn't seem to happen. It was great you gave a shout out to Ferrari Racer, shows you may still care some about the community.

Better campaign mode: Call of Duty or Titanfall 2?  

If you were going to buy just 1 for the single player which would it be?

I kinda appreciate Wombat busting Cheapys balls about a $10 discount not being 'worth it'.  While I agree with Cheapy that these deals will be online, so braving the BF crowds isn't worth it, this is the CHEAP ASS gamer podcast, and I want to hear about deals from thrifty shoppers.  Shipwreck is always hunting for deals, but also buys a ton of games.  For a while there, all three of you were buying all the newest games, and as a parent of three-year-old twins, I've been pinching pennies for a few years now so it was hard to listen and not really hear about 'cheap ass' gaming.  Wombat seems to have cut back on game spending quite a bit, and is supplemented by hookups from publishers, which is great to hear.

I'm totally happy that Cheapy isn't in financial pain, and I still love the show, but I especially love when you highlight 'must have' games and guide someone like myself into the best deals and best bang-for-the-buck gaming each week.  Thanks and be well.

Cheapy, you're not alone! I thought that Gears of War 4 tried way too hard to be funny to the point of it being distracting. The constant stream of jokes falling flat absolutely took away from my enjoyment of the game. JD, Del, and Kait just would not shut up regardless of what was happening in the campaign. Gears 1-3 had some jokes peppered in the game but they were timed appropriately so you never really noticed them in a negative way.

I really hope this changes with Gears of War 5 but you're the only other person that I have seen mention this. I'm guessing Microsoft saw that they were lacking a franchise with a wacky Nathan Drake-like personality so they added three of them to Gears 4.

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I am still at the first part of the show, but I want to point out a potential flaw in you back pain logic.

You had enough stress to keep you up at night, but was your back worse?

If not, then I say boooooo-urns to your back pain is from mental stress idea.  

Wanted to let Cheapy know that he successfully recreated an annoying whooping sound. He did it so much that it honestly kind of made me angry.

You don't have to sync your PS4 Pro to get your saves across. You can do it just like you did with your Xbox. Just log in to the new one and download your cloud saves. As long as your old PS4 was your primary PS4 it'll work. If your old PS4 wasn't your primary, then it never uploaded cloud saves so you can't download them.

Also, it definitely offers the ability to connect the two with an ethernet cable, that's how I and others did it. It tells you when to connect the cable, then to turn the other one on, etc. If you do it that way the sync is over 200GB/hour. A lot faster than WiFi. It's still slower than I would expect though.

I don't notice the PS4 Pro being loud. I didn't notice my original PS4 being loud either. I can hear the fan in each, but it's not bothersome, it's quieter than any 360 I ever had was. (I never had a slim, but I had several of the HDMI ones that were quieter than the original). It's not as quite as my PS3 slim though.

That Best Buy stomach was churning as the awkward moments continued. I think most CAGs have been there, but you just can't beat Best Buy's pricing and promotions most of the time. I love Best Buy, but those in-store visits to get the promos can be so frustrating. I've gone to online ordering or in-store-pickup only. Like the BB employee suggested, re-ordering and cancelling is the best way to go.

Holy shit Cheapy quit worrying about politics and enjoy that wife and kid a little more.  You sound really stressed dude, it was nice to hear you lighten up though, I like fun Cheapy better.

The Pro/Sausage Party story was pretty funny.  It's kind of funny that you wouldn't go out on Black Friday (I got what you meant though about saving $10, not worth the hassle to deal with crowds, but Wombat was still funny though) but... you will waste an hour for Sausage Party with alarms blaring lol.

Ship now has me wanting to play COD, it's now tempting to pick up the Legacy Edition when it's on sale.

Wombat was fury and lovable as always.

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I know we all sometimes complain about the jobs that we're lucky to have, but Cheapy went a little too far this episode. All he has to do is make lists of gaming deals without complaining about being "traumatized" by making lists of gaming deals, and also pretend that he still needs deals on games even though he is rich enough to never have to go to Walmart. Wombat busting him for saying he doesn't need to save 5 to 10 dollars was not only hilarious, but made me feel like the podcast still has some connection to poor schlubs like me. If I were Cheapy, I'd check my bank balance and write a check to Wombat for 50% for being the only thing keeping my feet on the ground.

The funniest moment without a doubt in this podcast was when CheapyD, the FOUNDER of an empire called Cheap Ass Gamer (!!) exclaimed he didn't care about a 10 or 15 $ saving on a game, because... meh. Cheapy, you've lost the edge, man.

(Jokes aside, I'm a parent too and I know that time is way more valuable than money in this stage of your life)

Cheapy spent a good chunk of time, wating through a fire alarm and clueless staff to get a free DVD and T-shirt he didn't even want.  I think his Cheapass status is still good.

Cheapy's Best Buy story reminded me of the time I went in to pick up my Star Wars Battlefront pre order, and I saw some copies with the free Pop! figure. When I asked the cashier about it, she said, "Oh, those are for pre-orders." I said "OK, I have a pre order." and she responded "No, those are for pre-orders." It wasn't that big of a deal, so I dropped it, but it made me wonder what I was misunderstanding at the time.

Is he paying you under the table to say this!?
While Cheapy D is certainly an apostate to the cheap ass order, he did wait around in a fire alarm ridden Best Buy for a free copy of Sausage Party of all things, so he should get some credit for that at the very least.

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