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The gang talks Nintendo Switch, Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, and more Nintendo Switch!

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Intro - Afrojack ft Eva Simons - 'Take Over Control' Outro - Robocop 2 TV Ad
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I guess you can listen to Wombat's other podcast, Uninformed Opinions.

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So Switch isn't worth it as I've said before. Especially if you have a Wii U where you can just play Zelda on that.

Zelda is easily better then Horizon but Cheapy doesn't believe that. Big deal? Everyone has opinions, Cheapy has his own to.

At least Cheapy got to carry his switch on the subway. I also believe they should have sold the Switch seperately from the dock for say even $250 to pass on the savings. Get people to pay the higher price for the dock later if they really want it.

FYI Cheapy, most writers don't write their own headlines. This is pretty common practice that isn't specific to video game websites. Is it shitty and clickbait-y? Yes, but considering websites run on clicks it's just something you come to expect on the internet.
IF any launch console is worth it only for day one games then the Switch is it.  

But saying it's too much $$$ or doesn't have games etc are complaints that apply to every console at launch.   It's par for the course.

~90% of a console's sales happen after the first 12 months. 

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Cheapy - In BotW if you are falling and pull out your bow you slow down time, just thought you should know

Ship - The stamina wheel is not new to the Zelda series. It was in Skyward Sword for sure.

Wombat - Keep putting up with these two knuckleheads.

The dock scratches the screen!  Joycons lose sync!  What happened to being critical of headlines?  lol.

Nintendo has something here.  Hardware is pretty nice too.  And to divide it out into different skus would lose that magic.

The dock is $60 now with no cables. The $300 pricepoint is fine for now.  Thousands have been sold on EBay for north of $400 and are still selling for that.  

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I think Zelda would be up Wombat's alley. I think he really loves games with open worlds, and the sheer limitless of things to do in the game would be his bread and butter.

Maybe get a Wii U, Wombat ;)

I'm curious to know Wombat's spoilery criticisms of Logan.  I personally loved it and it did not feel long to me at all.  I was shocked when I looked at the run time after leaving the theater and saw that it was 2:15.  It flew by for me.  I also think this could get some nominations as The Dark Knight did.  Will it win anything?  Probably not, but it would be nice to see it get some recognition.

Love the show, but again, take any movie reviews with a grain of salt. If Wombat really thought Logan was a "very good movie" then maybe he shouldn't just shit on it. Sounded like he liked Goosebumps a lot better!
Was wombat jerking off during the show? He seemed distract in the beginning and provided little commentary towards the middle and podcast needs more wombat.
I don't mind you guys criticizing games, hardware, movies etc... but you can sound a bit pompous when you state your opinion as if it's a fact. Only saying this in regards to Wombat's thoughts on Logan 'Some people are saying this is a best picture contender, I am sorry it's not, it's a good movie but not best picture' I personally liked the movie and I can see why it resonated with some folks to the point where they think it's the best movie of the year (so far).

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My taste usually line up with Wombats but during his Logan review i had to wonder if we had seen the same movie. Also, your a bad mofo if you didn't shed a tear at anytime during this movie.
Wombat's during his Logan review:


I'm loving the new Zelda, I've come across lots of fun moments due to the systems in play. Setting dry grass on fire and having it engulf you, cutting a tree onto a Bokoblin is great! Watching your amiibo reward barrels spawn, then roll down the hill off a cliff never to be seen again is not so great... it made us laugh pretty hard though.

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Shipwreck, about the...Uh...horny characters - I remember in Ocarina of Time that a few of the girls had the hots for Link.

Wombat - how would you rank Logan in comparison to the other X-Men movies? It's not saying much, but I'd say this may be the best one.
I don't think there's anything wrong with being critical. I think there is a difference between being critical and negative, and I do think it matters. No one wants to listen to whining.
I don't think there's anything wrong with being critical. I think there is a difference between being critical and negative, and I do think it matters. No one wants to listen to whining.
Yep. Just like the whole AC adapter "whine" Shipwreck is on. I have dozens of things that plug in with an adapter as big as the Switch wall adapter from clock radios, to external hard drives and Ship acts as if it is an affront to humanity. It's called reaching .

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Does Shipwreck have some powering solution for his retro gaming systems? Proprietary connectors are common, and at least they're more idiot proof. I mean the barrel fits, but the polarity is different?

Yep. Just like the whole AC adapter "whine" Shipwreck is on. I have dozens of things that plug in with an adapter as big as the Switch wall adapter from clock radios, to external hard drives and Ship acts as if it is an affront to humanity. It's called reaching .
I agree with Ship on this one. It's pretty frustrating when I have multiple plugs that are huge because I use a normal power strip and don't have room for that shit.

At the risk of incurring the wrath of "Angry Cheapy", I have to partially agree with what your listener said about the recent negativity, especially towards the Switch and especially from Cheapy.

I am not saying Cheapy is not entitled to his opinions on Zelda, the Switch and Nintendo as a whole, but I very, very rarely hear much positivity come out of Cheapy's mouth when it comes to anything Nintendo is doing. Which is fine, I personally am the same way about Microsoft, and I think both companies are doing great things. I think some of it has to do with Nintendo/Microsoft not making games that are up our respective allies (Cheapy with Nintendo, me with Microsoft) but that OTHER people enjoy.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn't come in for me when Cheapy says he doesn't enjoy something, but rather when he tells someone else THEY shouldn't enjoy something. I too have been seeing his negative tweets mocking Zelda, and that segment towards the end where he tries to back Shipwreck in a corner by saying "what are you going to do with this thing (Switch) after Zelda? ...after Blaster Master? ...after...?" Why is that neccesarry? What was anyone going to do with their Xbox One after Ryse at launch? You see what I'm getting at and why this is unfair and dismissive of the people who are having fun with the system?

It felt as though Cheapy was trying to facilitate a console war that doesn't need to exist by trying to suggest that games like Mass Effect Andromeda are much more interesting and worthwhile to Wombat before Andromeda is even out or had any reviews/impressions. Or by making this a "Horizon vs. Zelda" debate. Again, I am NOT saying Cheapy shouldn't have an opinion. I am merely stating that I find it unfair to mock/suggest people are wrong for liking something that frankly just isn't your type of console, especially when there HAS been a pretty decent sentiment of "this is a fairly decent console".

Before its said to try to dismiss my argument, for the record, I don't think Shipwreck takes any offense at what you said and I dont think any apologies are neccesarry, so don't just think I'm being overly sensitive. I think "don't buy this console if you're like me and don't like these games" is a perfectly fine review to give a console, but "you made a mistake in buying this and stop having fun" just seems like cynicism for the point of being cynical. And I think there's a distinction to be made. As always, however, great show and thanks for the discussion.
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Shipwreck - I remember awhile back when you were designing your media setup. You installed LED lighting around the PS4 and Xbox one by plugging it into the USB ports of the consoles. How did you figure out the Xbox USB because I tried it too but there's power always coming from those ports. Therefore the lights stay on all the time. The PS4 only lights up when the console is on.

Cheapy - I'm going with my family(wife, 2 teenage kids) to Japan this Friday and will be spending the first 2 days in Shibuya, 2 days in Kyoto, and 2 days in the Disney area. Are there any must see places in Kyoto? Do you recommend a 1/2 day tour or should we get around on our own? How easy is it to get reserved Shinkansen tickets to Kyoto? Because it looks like they cannot be purchased online in advance.

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I saw get pissed off how combat can quickly turn in Horizon, from picking off bandits or robots to every single enemy in the entire area on your ass with nowhere to go. Alot of video games do this and its very annoying.

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