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The gang talks smart sprinklers and dumb carpet cleaners, Marvel Heroes Omega, Call of Duty WWII, Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels, regular hot wheels, and so much more!

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Here's what I had to do 16 years ago when I got my first sprinkler system:  Am I watering mostly rocks?  Ok set the timer for that zone for 1 minute 2x per week on Tues And Friday at 6am.  Never look at it again.  

I didn't care for Snyder's remake of Dawn of the Dead because it's an example of how unimaginative he is. 28 Days Later had come out a couple of years before, introducing the concept of fast "zombies" because they were infected people, not undead. Snyder, being all about style over substance, made the zombies fast even though they were dead, just because he wanted to copy something cool somebody already did.
I can't wait to drive my Tesla Model S on those Hot Wheels tracks in Forza Horizon 3.
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No way a new revision of the Switch comes out next summer.    It seems to be well received and seems to be selling well.  Plus it is well made on top of it.  It's just too soon.  A revision will come out no sooner than the 3rd xmas or about 2 1/2 years.  

And no way they get rid of the detachable controllers anytime soon.  They are a major  selling pt.  They are hardly only about motion control either.  They are more about  having 2 controllers in the box.   SnipperClippers is playable in local multiplayer out of the box because of the detachable controllers.   Mario Kart 8 is also tailor made for the detachable controller design.  It's what helps make the Switch unique.  It helps sell it.  

And btw Nintendo has said in interviews that 70-80% of Splatoon players use motion control.   In my experience it's a more precise control scheme for aiming that I think will make its way to the other consoles next-gen.  It's just a lot less clunky than the right stick  while being relative cheap to include with the player being under no obligation to use it.  Perfect for the other consoles.

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I have to agree with Shipwreck that I have done enough World War 2 stuff.  I have killed enough Nazis and enough Nazi Zombies.  Lets get back to the Modern Warfare games not the future Modern Warfare.

Also I think Sony will come out with another PS4Pro.  I predict the next revision will have a 4K Bluray player in it.  Most likely be a slimmer design.

Whoever had the idea of a virtual mini NES Classic console app for the Switch, kudos to you.  I agree they will never do it.  But that does seem like a good marketing campaign to move more Switch consoles.  It would be nice if some the coop games like Mario Brothers and others were not just couch coop but had online coop play features as well.

Happy Birthday Wombat, welcome to the big four zero club.

Big Little Lies was awesome - the payoff in the finale was totally worth it.

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There has been online multiplayer on the Switch since launch with Fast RMX, so there was nothing preventing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from having online multiplayer. The app is mainly for the social part of their online network.

Marvel Heroes is just Diablo with Marvel superheroes so it's not really any different from that. If you switch characters mid-campaign, it'll start you back at the beginning of the story, so you don't have to worry about using lvl 1 characters on later missions. The only important currency is Gs (paid), Eternity Splinters (in-game for character unlocks), and Gold for purchasing loot and such. The rest are just crafting materials and such to be redeemed for items in the HQ.

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