CAGcast #506: A Pretty Sweet Solution


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The gang goes deep on the Dreamcade Replay, talks Injustice 2, Destiny 2 Beta, Splatoon 2, Fallen Legion, and of course Bluetooth toothbrushes.

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Intro - Malarkey - Arcade Brain
Outro - The MAXX TV trailer
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I love how whenever someone  writes in saying how the guys focus too much on criticism/being negative, to the CagCrew its just us not understanding what being critical is/us wanting them to have our opinion.

Oh and good show keep up the good work :)

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The ppl complaining about you being critical of stuff must be skipping the Hello Fresh sponsored gush section :) I hope they pay you guys well for that!

Great episode as always, it's a pretty dull year for me, games wise. I would fall into the didn't like Destiny so don't have a desire to play Destiny 2 camp. It's not that it's a terrible game, I would just put it in the same category I already have Sea of Thieves in. Games where you have to coordinate schedules with ppl you know. Overwatch is great cuz I can have fun with random strangers whenever it's convenient for me.

I am excited for Cuphead though! That's soon.
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With the promise of Alison Brie boobs I watched Glow last night. Couldn't make it through a whole episode. I watched Doomed today though and quite enjoyed it. It was pretty unexpected to hear how everyone was so fond of the experience.
The ppl complaining about you being critical of stuff must be skipping the Hello Fresh sponsored gush section :) I hope they pay you guys well for that!
I did a similar food home delivery and to my surprise it was really really good, I don't know how they did it fresh wise but every meal was fresh and delicious to the taste buds.

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Regarding the Dreamcade Replay, I find the description of getting free games with the purchase odd.  I mean, aren't they all technically free?

The Dreamcade Replay is only possible at $99 if Microsoft continues its reduced Windows 10 licensing fee for low end CPUs. If MS disapproves of this device, then Dreamcade will either have to switch to Linux or raise the price to make any profit.
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Wombat was right the second season of Young Justice did feature The Reach story line. If i remember right The Reach are like the Covenant where multiple species made up the forces in the show.  On the plus side season three of the show is coming soon.

Hey, great show as always, thanks for putting these up every week.  Just a heads up on Hello Fresh - I don't mind the grocery shopping so i'm not very interested in the service, but the dishes you were talking about sounded good.  I checked out the website and the ingredients and recipe instructions are up there for every dish!  Full meal plans too.  

This feels like good cheapass advice.

bread's done