CAGcast #524: Happy ThankXgiving!


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The gang talks Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battle Chef Brigade, Justice League, and so much more!

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Outro - Carvel Ice Cream - "Tom Turkey Cake" (Commercial, 1984)
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I almost went to Justice League but decided not to, like Ship. I decided that it would be much more entertaining if I could watch it at home since I could play with my phone whenever they make the mistake of not having Wonder Woman on the screen.
Great show as always, guys.

Random comments:

1) I need to know why Wombat is being followed by The Zombies.  

Is he being followed by the band's official Twitter?

Or is he just being followed by the guy he name dropped?

What was the post that got his/their attention?

I'm ah, asking for a friend that is really into ? and the Mysterions.

2) I ended up liking Justice League, and can't explain why.  

3)  I stand with Wombat- give these 4k/HDR tv's more time to become more standardized before buying.  Two 4k/HDR tv's side by side and night and day picture quality between them.  Yikes.

4) Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for my weekly dose of Cheapy, Wombat and Shipwreck.  Have a safe holiday and don't eat too much stuffing.

Listened on the drive to my parents, great show!

Also started to listen to the 2011 Black Friday episode. Oh my gosh, those callers. I was either laughing or had my mouth hanging open (super racist guy).
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Love you guys and enjoy your banter !  Also love the work you all do to post savings to gamers everywhere.  Gaming is a great hobby but it can get expensive.  I am 52 and been gaming since I bought new a Sega Master System way back when.  So you see I need to save some cashola !!!    Happy Turkey day and keep up the great work !

I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving.

For the sake of Shipwreck's mental health, maybe you guys should stop talking about Overwatch loot boxes. Poor Shipwreck. :p

Did you guys see this EA Loot Box video, by chance? It was released after the CAGcast went up.  Sounds like the pay-to-win aspect was implemented in EA titles over ten years ago. I'm hoping the ESRB steps in to appease parents and politicians. I don't see the government getting involved ending well.

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This is a very funny podcast.  You have me picturing your quotes as blurbs on the packaging for the following products:

Destiny 2 - Cheapy calls it, "I don't know.  What the hell do I know?"

Battlefront II - Shipwreck says, "A Star Wars themed gambling casino sounds better than this."

Knives - Wombat awards these, "Best gadget of 2017"

The Justice League movie wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I agree that it is largely mediocre, and there is no real need to rush out to see it. But if you do see it, it won't feel like the dental surgery that the previous DC movies have been. (I'm looking at you, Batman V Superman) I'm still not sure why they full CGI on Stepenwolf. I can understand using it to try to make him look bigger, but that doesn't require a full CGI makeover, and his face and proportions just didn't warrent the Jar-Jar treatment.

While I do appreciate Shipwreck's approach to the Injustice 2 shopping, I did pick up a copy of that game on Black Friday for $15. It was a really good deal for a game that is fairly recent. Also, that game has gotten plenty of critical acclaim. Anyone who enjoys the Mortal Kombat approach to fighting games will probably have a blast playing it, even without all the DLC characters and additions. I wouldn't have pulled the trigger on a purchase at $20 or more, for all the same reasons that Shipwreck cited. An "Ultimate" edition of the game is an innevitability. NetherRealm does this EVERY time. But in the sub-$20 range, I'm willing to jump the gun a little. And having the base game now will make it easier for me to wait longer when the Ultimate edition does arrive.

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