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The gang discovers the joys of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, watches a lot of movies, and shamelessly adds a Battlegrounds mode.
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Intro - Faithless - Insomnia (Calippo Remix)
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I remember battlegrounds maps in World of Warcraft from 2005. Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. Memories! 

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Great episode as always guys =)

My driveway was also like Wombats after the blizzard. A small part had almost no snow (I could see the bricks) and then a drift of probably 2 feet deep snow right next to it. Unfortunately most of the driveway and walkway was like that =/

Hey Cheapy, I'm looking to get an electric snow blower. Since you coincidentally mentioned not liking the one you have, would you mind telling me what you got so I can avoid it? Thanks :)

Do all of you guys have an Xbox Elite controller?  I got a X1X for Christmas and I'm don't seem to be aiming as well as I do with a PS4 pad, or as I did with the 360 controller.  So I was thinking it might be worth going the Elite route.

It's a good thing you are all in the Alexa camp, because I got a free Insignia speaker with Google Assistant built in with a Best Buy purchase, and it is absolutely terrible and won't even reliably play music that's been purchased or uploaded to your Google Play Music account.  Google should be ashamed for releasing a product in this state.!msg/googlehome/E-Blpmr2UjI/fyhwSey9BwAJ

My two favorite parts of the episode were when Wombat misused the word, "penultimate" and when he made a Charlton Heston reference when referring to Jack Palance ("cold dead hands").

​Great ep...thanks for getting me through my red eye flight.

Liked the part about cursing in movies.

Beetlejuice had disturbing imagery and an F-Bomb despite having a PG rating.  Airplane, also PG, had breif nudity.  Amazing what passed as PG in the 80's.

Regarding Switch sales: "Nobody's going, you know I'm still just enjoying my Wii U, I think I'm gonna wait. Nobody's thinking that."

*raises hand*

As a Wii U owner, I use it daily. When I'm cooking I watch shows on the gamepad while my SO watches on the TV in the other room. Switch doesn't have the ability to play netflix on two screens simultaneously, let alone a netflix app.

Still a ton of games I haven't even gotten around to: Paper Mario Color Splash, Yoshi's Wooly world, #FE Sessions, Lego City Undercover, Bayonetta, Star Fox Zero. I'm still working on Breath of the Wild.

What incentive is there for me to get a Switch? I've played a bit of Mario Odyssey on the demo kiosk, it seems OK but I'm not that interested. Arms looks OK. I already have BotW so not a system seller for me. Already have Mario Kart, Smash, etc. so I'm not interested in re-buying them. I didn't like the feel of the handheld either, the second thumbstick placement is really awkward, though maybe you get used to it.

Maybe I'm alone in this opinion, but the Wii U was way underrated and the switch as the new hype is way overrated.

I paused the podcast to deliberate on Wombat's rhetorical question, and I'd like to lock in on "The Shag in Water" as my answer.

bread's done