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The gang talks Xbox All Access, PS4 500M Limited Edition, Cyberpunk 2077, fake games, Starflight 3, new movies, re-releases, Wombat does math and farm work, and so much more!
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Intro - Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle (Crazibiza Remix)
Outro - The Price Is Right Ending Credits
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Having previously lived in the Philly area, and being a regular visitor to Lancaster county (we had friends there) I would strongly recommend seeking out some of the locally-produced soft-pretzels in the farmer's market. There is usually a solid variety of flavors, and the experience of having freshly-baked soft pretzels is delightful.

Also, I love the idea of a chocolate-coated coffee-bean ice-cream called "Cheapy D's Nuts." That sounds like a Ben-n-Jerry flavor that ought to happen.

The Xbox all access plan is interesting to me because it's a real test of whether or not the big 3 still need (3rd-party) retail partners or not. I think the program would get a lot more traction if it was possible for a freshman in college who just needed some socks to walk into a Walmart/Target and walk out with a One X for "free," but even though MS desperately wants to increase its user base the prospect of a long-term business model they don't have to give anyone else a cut of is too tantalizing not to take a shot at. 

Spoilers: the program won't succeed (I doubt even MS thinks it will, though) and console makers still need retailers, though not necessarily vice-versa.

Who knows when those silly Japanese companies will wise up and follow Microsoft’s lead. In the meantime Nintendo and Sony will just have to manage with having consoles that sell far more units worldwide every month than the Xbox does.
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Hey guys listening this week to wombat talk about custom made ice cream reminded me of back in July. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and every year there is an event called 'the royal Highland show' which is all about rural life and agriculture. There was an ice cream stand that has a show special every year and this year's flavour was vanilla with caramelized smoked bacon... Delicious!
Man. Wombat's farm vacation sounds so incredibly serene and relaxed. I felt my stress levels simmer down just from listening to his recap. Thanks for that, sir.

Sounds like Wombat had a nice Stardew Valley esque holiday. Maybe the animals took a liking to him, because well he is Wombat..

Cheapy, your ping pong letter sounded like it was auto generated by a computer or maybe it was just the way you read it out loud.

Also would love a mixer co-stream of Strange Brigade!

Hey, Cheapy.  Heard you complaining about the YouTube app on Xbox signing you out.  I run into this all the time if my wife is signed in, I sign in, then go into the App.  After that it is like the app never wants to remember being linked to my YouTube account.  The only fix I have found is to uninstall YouTube and then reinstall it.  Sometimes it will make you sign in one last time but it should hold after that.

Cheapy, have your dad give Zelda a shot when he's done with Mario. 2 of my co-workers were lapsed gamers until the Switch, they had not owned a system since the SNES/Genesis. They both really enjoyed BotW, one of them put in close to 150 hours which was really surprising to me, he had not beat a game in almost 20 years and had never put this many hours into a game.

I think the game is more accessible for folks who have don't have the expecations of BotW being similar to Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fallout or Assassin's Creed. Your dad might appreciate it since I assume he hasn't played other modern action RPGs.

If he enjoys running around in Mario Odyssey, BotW offers a similar sense of exploration. You could just give him your copy.

I was going through my old bookmarks and ran into this old gem -

Also Froppy is best girl.

Watched the Price is Right documentary, Perfect Bid, that Wombat said he enjoyed and it was interesting. It was just sad how much the attitudes seemed to have changed when Bob Barker retired from helping the contestants to protecting their jobs. I can only imagine the outside factors that lead to that kind of thinking. Personally, I stopped watching when Bob retired and don't have an urge to watch it without him so I'm sure I contributed to the problems they were having at the time. 

As for video game news, I preordered the Deluxe Edition 12-1 Arcade1up cabinet from Best Buy and like the idea of playing Centipede with a Trackball and Tempest with a dial instead of just emulating it with a joystick. I can't remember if you guys talked about these cabinets at all, and if not what are your thoughts? 

Xbox All access is interesting, but not something I would do myself.  Sega did something similar around the launch of Seganet with the Dreamcast, something like a free Dreamcast if you subscribe for 2 years to their service. MS did it with the 360 also, so this isn't anything too new.

Next gen" machines and not going to be getting any cheaper, especially as they keep adding more bells and whistles.  This idea can help with that, and make the 500 dollar machine less to swallow all at once. It can be quite an attractive offer.  As Wombat has stated many times, even though PS4 is winning, its hard not to recommend an Xbox as to what a family should buy.  It's cheap and gamepass starts your out with an instant library of 100 games.

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