CAGcast #596: Crocs, Bots, and European Hot Spots


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The gang talks Switch Lite, Spider-Man: Far From Home (spoilers, post show), Apex Legends Season 2, Super Mario Maker 2, and oh so much more!

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Intro - Major Lazer - Original Don (Feat. The Partysquad) (Codes Dubplate Remix)
Outro - MIDSOMMAR | Bear in a Cage

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I am not part of the "the hosts don't like each other" conspiracy group but this was a weird and slightly awkward episode at times. Wombat seemed checked out, why not just excuse yourself for that week when you are not into it?

What would a Switch without a screen be called?
1. No Switch
2. Switchless
3. SwitchTV

I loved Cheapy’s comment: “I have willpower to not buy things for no reason”...proceeds to buy MARIO Maker 2
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CheapyD and Wombat, I recently read a nice article in SI about Action Park in New Jersey, aka "Accident Park", "Class-Action Park". Wondering if you guys went there in your younger years and have any tales to share!
Funny that Wombat thought Bohemian Rhapsody should have made a few things up to be more interesting: It actually did. The entire timeline of that movie is a total lie. That Live Aid show happened two years before Mercury was even diagnosed with HIV. And the band never really even broke up!

Nothing but the best of wishes for CAG Brian. Such a shame that people have to resort to this to pay for healthcare in the so-called wealthiest nation on earth.

Just popping in to publicly shame all of you for not watching/discussing Stranger Things.  Season 3 has the series at the top of their game and to hear Wombat dismiss the series because he trailed off last season is so unfortunate (not that 2 was their best work).  Cheapy, as the 'watch this bitches' master, I implore you to right this injustice!

Thanks Shipwreck for the recommendation of the Satisfye Switch grip. My biggest complaint for the Switch is the fact the my hands cramp when playing for very long. I purchased the grip after hearing the podcast and it is amazing. It really does make the Switch much more comfortable to play in handheld mode.
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