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The gang talks Modern Warfare, Sony State Of Play, Untitled Goose Game, Epic Game Store exclusivity, Apple Arcade, Mario Kart Tour and $3 bacon.

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Intro - ZHU - Superfriends (Just A Gent Remix)
Outro - Superfriends commercial - KTVT Channel 11

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No time to exercise but has time to watch 2 hours straight of reality television. Time is not your problem. You lack discipline.
No time to exercise but has time to watch 2 hours straight of reality television. Time is not your problem. You lack discipline.
To be fair, it was without commercials, so more like 1:30 - 1:40, and finding the time was incredibly difficult hence the part of the conversation where we discussed the kids staying up late. Also, go fuck yourself.

I rely on Wombat for major life decisions.

$13 for lunch tangent really helped me out today.

Who the hell takes direction from the red hair dude -- he's a wreck!

No time to exercise but has time to watch 2 hours straight of reality television. Time is not your problem. You lack discipline.
Yup, I love how wombat has hours upon hours to watch terrible movies and TV shows but can't find 30 mins to go for a jog. Excuses excuses.
Not sure what I was thinking picking up Link's Awakening.  I'd already played through this back in 1993, and again when the DX version came out.  No surprises, knew where most of the secrets were.  All it made me want was a 3D Dot Game Heroes sequel.

Never played the original Link’s Awakening, and I love this game! I’ve not heard barely any complaints about it, but this is the CagCast so...
I really like the Sony PlayStation model for digital items. Some software explicitly states how many consoles you can activate the software on, three handhelds, two tv consoles, and that's most of them. After they put in two factor authentication and device passwords, Sony doesn't really care how many devices you download the same game on, just if you bother to activate multiplayer, which is one console online at a time. I don't know what's with Nintendo if they're determined to sell as many consoles and games as possible, but think selling only consoles would hurt them, even though the big two sell them at a loss and recoup the money in software sales.

I really hope Wombat was joking with all of the depression talk. If not, please do go and talk to someone.

On the topic of fitness, I was pretty much in the same situation as Wombat is in now (no time to fitness). I was underweight and not doing anything active, at all. Honest to god, the week I started making time to go work out and started being active, I felt like a changed man. My entire attitude towards exercising changed and I started to incorporate it in my daily and weekly routine. The hardest step is starting exercising, but once you do, you won’t regret it. I certainly didn’t. Go right after work, or before work if that fits.

I love the podcast guys, been listening for over 8 years now. I don’t comment much or visit the site that much (I live in the Netherlands so the deals aren’t worth much to me haha) but just know that I really appreciate the work. Thanks!
Hey guys, I really enjoyed the parenting section of the show— you should make it a segment!! There are a good number of us listeners in the same family situation (my oldest is the same age as Cheapy and Wombat’s).

FWIW, paying your kids for grades works in the short term, but kills long term motivation to work at things.
The other crazy thing about Bones was they built adversitesments into the show one season. Like the would be driving to a murder in a Toyota SUV and all of a sudden have a conversation about the features. Wild.

I empathize with Wombat. It’s hard commuting, putting in a full day of w time for the family. Let’s not forget he’s semi obligated to play games and keep up with events for the show.

I know it’s a tough habit to get into but try exercising while watching TV. Treadmill, pushups, squats, dumbbell curls. I also found eating a healthier diet really helped with my depression.
What was the golf game they were talking about for iPhone? Also, Wombat, get some exercise buddy. I started mountain biking a few years ago and I feel like I need to do it now. Its almost like a medication I enjoy lol. If I don't get out for a while I start to feel crabby (I wouldn't say I was depressed but anxious for sure).

I'm not saying regular exercise will "cure" depression, but it's a good idea. I'm by no means an athlete, but it's something the doctor told me to do every week at my last physical. I hope someone is walking the dog regularly, Wombat! What helped me was that I had friends guilt trip me into exercising with them. So you know what that means, Cheapy - trick Wombat into jogging with you. Seriously though, maybe you can make a family trip to the park out of it. Get on a treadmill while watching a Youtube video.

I haven't tried it for myself, but the way Wombat described the Switch account system doesn't sound accurate to me.
I was feeling a little down on myself economically this week but then I heard Wombat budgets $6 for lunch outings too. It sincerely made me feel less alone.
This is not sarcasm. Thanks CAGcast
Not sure why people are always confused about game sharing on the Switch. It works the same as XBox and PlayStation with the main difference being cloud saves have to be manually downloaded if you constantly switch between systems. The other difference is that the Switch is portable, so only the “primary” console can access downloaded games when not connected to the internet.
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