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The gang gets hyped for new releases; talks Fallout 76 subscriptions, Jackbox Party Pack 6, and oh so much more!

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Intro - ZHU, Tame Impala - My Life
Outro - China Stance by Wombats With Hats
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I’ve had that same car repair experience at multiple places like wombat. It’s typically my last visit when they tell me I need something I just had done except for when I know they are just telling me based on mileage. I’m surprised a dealership did that though, they usually are better which is why the prices are the worst.

I almost thought you weren’t going to mention CoD but then it got in towards the end. It releases tonight.

Did you see that Mike Ybarra just got a job at Blizzard? He was a pretty big name at Xbox and the one that was praising Anthem when it came out. Now he gets to go to the PR mess of Blizzard.

That new Apex map is a lot of fun, I feel like the Zombies mode is just a bit too difficult to win as survivors. I think they should maybe make it take 3-4 punches instead of just one or two if you have blue or purple armor.

Wombat should be excited for Outer Worlds, from what I’ve heard so far I think it will be a game for him. I’m curious if the sequel will be an Xbox exclusive, assuming they make one since Microsoft isn’t the publisher.

I didn’t hear any Borderlands 3 talk this week. Wife and I are still enjoying it. I’ve only been playing it co-op so I’m sure my experience is better then solo.
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I’ve had that same car repair experience at multiple places like wombat. It’s typically my last visit when they tell me I need something I just had done except for when I know they are just telling me based on mileage. I’m surprised a dealership did that though, they usually are better which is why the prices are the worst.
The dealership probably thinks they can get one over on a guy that goes to the dealership to change wiper blades. Same thing as when a woman goes to the shop and a mechanic thinks he can trick her into paying more.
The last time we got an oil change on our Jeep in 2012 the dealer put too much oil in, causing the exhaust to belch out a lot of white smoke. When we told the dealership what their mechanics did, they tried to suggest that a helpful brother or uncle had added extra oil to our car without telling us. We traded the Jeep in for a Kia Soul a month later.
I've been listening to the Cagcast since episode 1.  I'm a guy in my thirties with small children and I happen to like video games.  You guys are relatable.  That being said, Wombat is the #1 reason why the Cagcast is great.  He's not too cool for school.  He's opinionated and seemingly totally honest about his life.  Seriously, who would listen if Wombat wasn't around?

Wombat topics from recent memory

cost of lunch (have you tried the ritual app, $1 dollar lunches next week.)

shitty mechanics

public transportation 

boy scouts

grey hounds

untuck it shirts.

bowling balls

cheapy topics

he goes to the gym and he likes ping pong

he gets things for his house

shipwreck topics

he likes obscure games nobody else likes.

See what I mean?  I'm not here for game knowledge.  I'm here for entertainment...

I wasn't only going to get my wiper blades replaced. It was one of many things I know I needed. The primary being the car inspection, which needs new wiper blades to pass. 

I’m just here to say I purchased and replaced my own wiper blades. I also once added oil by myself.
Wombat reading that camping list reminded me strongly of that ingenious Viva Pinata commercial, with the horse pinata promising a group of  kids a hilariously esoteric list of things in exchange for their not beating him for candy.

Don't know if links are a no-no, but here it is, just in case:

When Cheapy says Wombat makes Shipwreck excited, were they once the same person like Kami and Piccolo from Dragon Ball?

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Throughout my whole entire life, I was always told that dealerships were generally dishonest - That's sort of a stereotype. Hearing Wombat's story seems to confirm that. This is why I always try to look for an independent mechanic and stick with them.

And on an unrelated note: Shipwreck should fart in the microphone so that he can complete the trifecta. 

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Many kudos on Wombats hit new single "China Stance -remix" that ending was bumping. Also, on initial blush, outer worlds feels like some sorta space fallout. What you SHOULD be playing on Gamepass is that "Lonely Mountains: Downhill" . THAT is a some serious hotness right there!

Cheapy and Wombat, so why haven't you gone to visit Shipwreck in Ohio yet? For some reason I thought you had but I guess I'm thinking of how he's gone to New York to visit you guys.
Wombat seems to take enough vacations, and even has time to go camping. Cheapy's schedule is more flexible in comparison.
I think its about time that you visit Shipwreck, and maybe even record a show from there. Ohio's not that bad, I've been to Columbus and found it quite a nice town. Your loyal CAGCast listeners deserve this.
I know the Bengals/Steelers game Shipwreck is talking about.  It was absolutely pathetic by the Bengals and I can only imagine how infuriated Bengals fans were.  Luckily you don't have Burfict anymore!

If there is a "most CAG" method of vacationing, it is camping. If you can find a way to camp for one or two nights on a family vacation, it will save you hundreds of dollars. 

Wombat, if you get one thing for your camping trip, get a headlamp (a flashlight that straps to your head). It is one small thing that will make your life disproportionately easier. 

Also, I'm a Blizzard fan (fan of their games...) and I'm super curious as to how Blizzcon is gonna go.  I've bought the online stream that comes with in-game items for at least the past 5 years and I purchased the stream months ago when it was announced.  It's Friday and they haven't said shit about it.  They usually release the panel schedule and the musical guest by now but they've been totally dark.  It's super weird.

EDIT - They just released the schedule today.

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Just dropping in to say the new Plants vs Zombies is pretty solid. It actually had a soft launch (not a beta) about a month before its October release for $30 vs $40 after the "real" release.

Splitscreen also now lets player 2 sign in and earn progression so big plus for my wife.

Oh and I never take my car to a dealer for service, usually local places give you a better deal and don't try to upsell you. I've only taken my car to a dealer for a recall fix.
Member since 2004, haven’t posted in years but I wanted to thank Shipwreck for not audibly farting on the podcast. Not all heroes wear capes.
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