CAGcast #615: Belly Hair Extraordinaire


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The gang talks body hair, Black Friday, Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and how the Google Stadia is like a fancy diner.

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Intro - MØ & Diplo - Sun In Our Eyes (Don Diablo Remix)

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I can tell you I’ve tried laser hair removal on my chest and neck. It’s not permanent. A few months later it was back. They did tell me that sometimes it takes multiple sessions. Also regarding the coarse Brundle-Fly hair, it gets much more plentiful and worse as you get older. I have to trim it from my ears and nose weekly.

Hope it works better for you!

Regarding Titans, it seems like they are much better at standing in a line and walking down streets together than fighting bad guys. We haven’t seen them do anything to earn a public reputation aside from the carnival fight. Also, hey, there’s an emergency, let’s walk slowly in a line down the street! Pretty disappointing show.
So I have been shaving my chest, balls and ass daily for about 17 years now, and I only felt like your description for the first few weeks. After that you dont even notice it. Keep it up daily for a month and you will feel just like you did before. However, Mrs. Cheapy might feel something new!
Pretty happy about having a wife that's fine with body hair, otherwise i would be in trouble.

Regarding the Last Jedi and the "force memories" they do offer more insight other then the 2-4 lines Cal mutters. If you actually hit the button when the text popup appears it takes you the menu with all the lore and story stuff and it will have a more detailed description of whatever you just saw through the force.

I personally didn't read much of it but there where thing i wanted to know more about. So its not a pointless design thing. And i bet the people who are really into Star Wars lore appreciate that it's there.

Easy mode FTW!  Wombat is right about bumping down the difficulty.  I've done that on at least 2 games this year.  On the second playthrough of Outer Worlds I had to knock the difficulty way down for that final mech.  I did a run that I messed all my stats up so I could spend hours bulking up or just bump down the difficulty and see the ending.  I must be getting old but I've come to accept that my options are to miss out on some entertaining games or bump down that difficulty level.

So I have been shaving my chest, balls and ass daily for about 17 years now, and I only felt like your description for the first few weeks. After that you dont even notice it. Keep it up daily for a month and you will feel just like you did before. However, Mrs. Cheapy might feel something new!
I shaved my belly a year ago. I don't wear a shirt when I sleep, so the sheets laying on my stomach felt so weird.

I use the Man Groomer on the top of my back and my shoulders once a week, and use it to buzz my chest and stomach every 4-6 weeks. There is never any irritation because it doesn’t shave very close to the skin.
I’ve been listen to you guys for awhile but this is the first episode I felt I had to congratulate you on. The first half hour is comedy gold. I especially like when Wombat said the only reason giving your wife a peloton is mysoginistic is if she isn’t fat. i know he was joking but it was so dry and matter of fact. Everyone else kept going in tacit agreement too. Cracked me up in my car on my commute!
Great show as usual. Looking forward to chest and belly hair watch 2020. I also appreciate Cheapy's open mind about Death Stranding. I don't think he'll stick with it, but I like he was willing to try a game so many people immediately seemed to poo poo. Going through it myself, and while I don't think it's the best game in the world, it's definitely different and interesting.

I just wanna thank you guys for entertaining me for the last ten years that I’ve been a CAG Member since 2009. I enjoy listening to the CAGCast either as I’m getting ready for my workday or on my commute to work. I generally like to enjoy listening to you guys on Fridays as I save my favorite podcasts for the end of the week & you guys always make my day that much better by starting it off with Your amusing stories & weekly gaming talk. This time though, my wife was around as you guys were talking about shaving body hair. And she stopped & asked me, Are you really listening to some grown men talk about shaving their bodies? I tried to explain that it was just a topic you were on. She tried to tell me that, it sure was a long conversation about shaving body hair between men! So thanks guys, for that! My Man Card just got a little thinner cuz of you guys. LoL. Seriously though, Thanks for all you guys do & take the time to create this podcast for all us CAGs. I really appreciate the effort of those who create the Black Friday Spreadsheet! I kept referring to it constantly as I’m a huge Cheap Ass Gamer & like to save money where I can. I’m also a big movie guy so I really loved the fact that the list also kept track of 4K Movies & Blu-Rays I wanted to add to my collection. So Thank You for making my Black Friday that much easier with your spreadsheet. Keep up the good work & I’ll keep coming back for the Entertainment.

Also, just to let you know. I normally end up buying way too much on Black Friday. I have such a backlog of games that I had to really resist from overbuying this time. So I only bought one game per console to add to my growing collection. So for XBOX I bought Ace Combat 7 for $20, for PS4 I bought Spider-Man Game of the Year for $15 and for Switch I bought Star Wars Pinball for $20.
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