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The gang talks CES news, Uncut Gems and Star Wars, new Switch rumors, Apple Arcade games, and oh much more!

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Intro - Luniz - I Got 5 On It (Samuel K Remix)
Outro - Skeletor At His Best pt. 1

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I buy the Fortnite toys and I am 38. Oops.

BTW, I think Wombat checked out from the show during the CAGbag.

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Great start to the new year! Hoping Shipwreck and Wombat will have a Star Wars spoilercast even though Cheapy isn’t going to watch it. I always enjoy your discussions.
Don't listen to Wombat's and Shipwreck's lies Cheapy. :p Rise of Skywalker is painfully mediocre. It's a movie where C3PO is the best character.

"Konami really dropped the ball on that one."

Konami did!?

Bestill my heart. Nearly dropped my monocle into my drink at such a revelation!

I hd a rematch against the 3rd grader. I managed to win 1 game off him this time and only lost 3-1. 😃
Just stopped the episode as soon as the Star Wars topic came up and felt I needed to comment. 

Cheapy just said he really just wants to see a "good" Star Wars movie. 

This has been something I have heard Cheapy say a lot over the years and I think he needs to realize something.  

All of the Star Wars movies (including the originals) are dumb,but fun movies.  I am not saying they are terrible, but they are still all pretty dumb. With any Star Wars film, you go in to the theater, check your brain at the door and just have a good time watching an action flick with some lore and name brand characters. 

I say this as someone who grew up in the late 80s to early 90's, but didn't grow up watching the originals.  As a kid I watched the first film, and I felt it was (as wombat would say) fine, dumb, but fine.   As a teen I gave into the hype and saw Episode 1, which again I felt was dumb.  Cool lightsaber fights and the CG podracing was a spectacle.  Nonetheless it's a dumb fiim.  Finally before Epiode 7 came out, I sat down and watch them all.  So as someone not blinded by nostalgia as Cheapy seems to be, I see these movies as what they are - Stupid action flicks that give you the good feels when the story wraps up and you can see the heroes win the day once again. The original Star Wars films, in their own ways, are just as "bad" as the newer ones. 

Anyways, love the content, keep it coming.  I totally identify with last week's feedback.  Having been living abroad for over 10 years, I look forward to every Friday when I can enjoy hearing all your stories and opinions, and it feels like being back home with a good friend.  

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When Nintendo named their new console Wii U it caused genuine confusion in the marketplace, and contributed to that system being a sales disaster for Nintendo.
Your right but the Wii U scenario is pretty unique, people thought the Wii U was an expansion, nobody will mistake the PS5 or Series X as an expansion. Nintendo showcased the controller and not the system... and when people saw the system, it suspiciously looked similar to the Wii.

Wii U's naming also failed Nintendo because "Wii" was a new console name at that point whereas PlayStation and XBox have been console names for multiple generations.

Ship, do yourself a favor and play more Subnautica (without the survival stuff turned on in my opinion)!  I am really not a fan of that genre usually but the light touch of story mixed with the game play really pushed me to the finish line.  Great game.

I loved how Cheapy did a shofar noise regarding the Snoke thing.

I'm one of the few that liked Last Jedi for basically taking a machete to nostalgia, because it's 2017 and you can't dwell in the past too long. Now I am worried about watching Rise because they had to bring the Emperor back. Maybe Force Awakens and Last Jedi can be a duology of its own, while Force Awakens and Rise of the Skywalker can be its own thing with a few edits.

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@Cheapy, re: Fortnite battle pass...

I think COD's Battle Pass also rewards you with in-game currency to where if you finish all 100 tiers, you actually come out with more COD points (1300) than it cost to enable it (1000).

bread's done