CAGcast #623: Mystery Box and Mystery Boxing


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The gang plays Mystery Box and discuss a Keighly-less E3, Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, Anthem reboot, and oh so much more!

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Intro - Lizzo - Truth Hurts (Nu Beats Remix)

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I agree with Wombat that the season season of Miracle Workers looks better than the first. They're using their actors better this time.

If you like Miracle Workers (especially season 2), check out "Man Seeking Woman". It's from the same writer and creator (Ben Rich) and is from a short story by Ben Rich, just as Miracle Workers season 2 is. It has multiple seasons and it also has Jay Baruchel, who I believe Cheapy said he liked in Goon.

I don't know where it is now, it was on FX at one point. I bought it on iTunes when it stopped airing. Maybe you can rent it there.

Totally off topic and late to the game on this, but I know how much Ship loved (rightfully) Tom King’s Vision series. I’m finally reading his acclaimed Mister Miracle series, which I’m liking even more.

Give it a shot! Cheap when Comixology has a sale. 😝
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Cheapy, I would love to play Apex Legends with you, with headsets we could dominate those lobbies.

Xbox: DonkenG

Also, thanks for the tip on episode 1000 of Gamertag radio, I went and listened to the Phil Spencer interview.
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Gamertag Radio on Episode 1000: Phil Spencer is the guest star

CAGCAST on Episode 622: "Master Chief can lick my balls" - Wombat

Loved the episode! Don't change.

I think the movement in The Division 2 is great. If you hold down the x or a button you can fluidly move from cover to cover. It makes you feel like a bad ass sneaking around shooting dudes. Yeah it's not for everyone but I think it's the best looter shooter of the bunch. If it had a little more narrative I think it would be perfect but what's there is already amazing. Still can't believe how much they can cram into a game these days!
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