CAGcast #624: Teraflops and Terahits


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The gang talk the Sonic movie and mostly teraflops for 90 minutes. We dare you to listen.

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Intro - Nick Jonas - Find You (Uplink Remix)
Outro - Sonic the Hedgehog commercial (SEGA Genesis)
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Just wanted to comment, I actually appreciate the Teraflops thing. Back in the day you could measure consoles as 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit but it’s a lot harder to compare now. Knowing that Xbox One is 1.5 Teraflops, PS4 Pro is 4.5 Teraflops, Xbox One X is 6 Teraflops, PS5 is rumored to be 9.5 Teraflops and Xbox Series X is 12 Teraflops, it helps give context to what kind of power you are getting for your $$$. Teraflops aren’t everything of course but it is one measure that the marketers at Microsoft are enjoying since they think they have Sony bested on TFLOPS.

I’m excited for the jokes once consoles get into Petaflops like super computers do now.
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Cheapy's descent in to full on old-man status has me worried about my future!  Cagcast needs a new logo of cheapy standing on a lawn shaking his fist at wombat and ship.  

- Don't talk about sugary drinks!

- Video games are brainwashing you in to buying loot boxes!

- Did you see that Oscar winning movie?  It was mesmerizing! (Acting was good but what a pretentious dumpster fire of a movie)

Hilarious pod as usual though guys, keep up the great work.

Xbox One was $500, Xbox One X was $500, and the Xbox Series X will also be $500. It has to be given all the expensive technology they are using.

Does Ghost Recon Breakpoint fix the weird controls for vehicles? I really enjoyed the combat in Wildlands but gave up it because I couldn't stand the odd vehicle handling.

Maybe it was just me but it felt like there was a slight input delay or something for vehicles only.

Also any of you guys getting burned out by battlepasses? I found myself giving up on games (Apex, Fortnite, etc) and losing interest since it just becomes a chore to login everyday.
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