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The gang talks NPDs, Moving Out, The Persistence, Knights of Pen & Paper 2, GameStop reopening stores, NVIDIA RTX Voice and so much more! Listen to learn how to win 1 of 5 Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Blu-rays!

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Intro - Tom Budin - Sugar's Delight
Outro - Astrocade TV commercial (1982)
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I haven't seen the Sonic movie yet, but I imagine in typical sequel fashion, the story will take humans into Sonic's world.

What do i want to see in the next Sonic movie: Hardcore fucking... duh!

I can't find anything like that online currently.

For me I want the sequel to be a team up, with Tails, Knuckles and Sonic all going back to his original planet, which Eggman has somehow gotten to and started to take it over using Robots. Basically anything going back to that planet and not on Earth.
I need to see some cute animals popping out of cute robots when they get destroyed. Also would be up for Super Sonic or Metal Sonic to show up in the stinger. Don’t need Tails backstory; do need Big the Cat backstory.
I would like to see Tails in the sequel. I haven't seen the movie yet so I'm not sure if he is in the move. Good Luck everyone.

I'd like the Sonic sequel to be a musical. I haven't seen the first one yet but I'm sure they can lead into a musical somehow.

I just want the Sonic sequel to have a guest appearance by Cheapy where he continues the trend to shout BIG ASS CHAINS in random promotional materials.

I haven’t seen the Sonic movie yet but I hope there’s a sequence in the sequel where Doctor Robotnik captures Sonic and replaces him with a Robot/Metal Sonic in the hope that no one will notice the real Sonic is gone...and the fake Sonic looks exactly like the original design for Sonic from the first movie.
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Only pooped in high school if an emergency since the stalls in the boys bathrooms didn't have any doors. Additionally, the stalls were exactly opposite of the mirrors over the sinks so you see people shitting when washing your hands. There were decent bathrooms in the pool locker room and dressing rooms for the theater. 

Sonic the Werehog please.


I want the sequel of the Sonic Movie to also serve as the sequel to Balls of Fury.

A Sports Dramedy, Cheapy shows Sonic his FitBit stats of playing Ping Pong and arguing that he burns as many calories as Sonic playing Tennis. Action and Emotion galore!

Sonic 2: Balls of Cheapy

I want Sonic to ride around in the Outrun car and I want the Virtua Fighter Characters to by on the antoganist side. That’s all. Maybe tails and knuckles, something like that
The sequel should star Shadow the Hedgehog and be dark and include guns...It worked really well in the video game space so I think the movie would really benefit from it.

Sonic meets his new sidekick, Wombat the.... wombat. They race through Massapequa zone collecting between 9 and 27 ping pong balls before the evil Dr. Cheapy can use them for Twitch streams that one’s of people asked for. The story culminates in an EPIC discussion where Sonic and Wombat debate Dr. Cheapy about the validity of virus testing at a retail video game store while mildly evil Shipwreck instigates them on. It goes nowhere but manages to be entertaining.

In the sequel to the Sonic movie I just want Jim Carrey to come back and fuck with Knuckles as is tradition in the Sonic franchise.

And in regards to the V Bucks thing, having to go to a store to buy the card is already crazy enough nowadays, and I'm curious at how many of their sales actually come from those things. Epic doesn't need to help Gamestop and it's just a matter of time before they go away forever unfortunately.

For the Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel I'd like him to do Wreck-It-Ralph kind of thing but visiting recent modern video games, like Halo and Grand Theft Auto. Having super speed would make them easy for him.
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Well since we know Tails will be in it, my guess is that Dr Robotnik uses the sparking hedgehog quill to power a space ship to fly back to earth. Then Dr. Robotnik will build some type of giant robot that Sonic will have to fight and he will get overpowered and only his friendship with Tails will save him. Does that sound reasonable?
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In the Sonic sequel he needs to enter the Sonic Multiverse and team up with the Sonic from the original trailer so Internet hysteria can happen once again.
For the Hedgehoggening sequel I'd like to see Robotnik turn the mushroom planet into a tech world that Sonic has to liberate along the lines of the SatAM cartoon

Edit: btw, I hear what Wombat is saying about GameStop focusing on digital cards/codes, but I think I agree with Shipwreck that Epic doesn't get much from the deal. Once a sale like this is shared on CAG and similar places, would the money lost from the discount be made up by sales from GameStop? It wouldn't just be people who are waiting for an excuse to buy a discount card, but people who would normally buy the cards at full price too. So each of those discounted sales to those people is money lost. Epic would also lose money on the sale since GameStop would take a portion of the sale, instead of all the money on a direct sale. So the sales numbers would need to make up for that as well on top of the discount.

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Super Sonic, Sonic’s friends (Knuckles, Tails, etc.), somehow incorporate Sonic Spinball, and/or animals coming out of destroyed robots.
This Sonic movie was way better than it had any right to be. I’d want the sequel to maintain that level of quality & just add a few more characters.
I want to see Sonic befriend a down on his luck GameStop manager. They go through a montage of failed ideas to save the store, including hosting ping pong tournaments. They eventually try to work out a deal with Epic to sell discounted V-bucks, but Robotnik took over as CEO at Epic and the struggle ensues!
Sonic smashing apple computer monitors for superpowers.

And just wanted to say I love the show. Been listening for years and it’s always great entertainment. Especially helpful now:)
The sequel should be Sonic and Tails taking the ring teleporter and going back to where Sonic is from only to find out Knuckles and Dr.Robotnic have teamed up to create Metal Sonic that was sent out to capture or destroy Sonic.
Would like to see a CAG crossover in the Sonic sequel where Sonic almost passes out after taking a large dump then struggles to flush and has to quickly find a hanger to break it up.

For the Sonic movie sequel I think they need to work in the chaos emeralds and Super Sonic. I'd also like to see Sonic & friends going to various planets/locations to find the chaos emeralds, i.e. one underground/underwater location 

Hi team Cuauhtémoc Martinez here. I was lured by the prospect of riches and so i would like to see in the sonic sequel is more green hills zone or another iconic stage realized on the big screen because that looked good. Also more slow mo. Support for the spoilers wombat.
I too am a bit worried about the future of trivia as I am pretty good at these games, loved Trivial Pursuit as a kid, but with the rise of high speed internet, there's too much and everywhere to look up. I should at least try to use my brain to learn scientific or literature skills instead lol.

Thanks for the Sonic contest! And Hollywood if you're reading this "Sonic 2: Wombat's Counterattack!"

Yes, hold those 25 pingball balls and get them in the air!

We are in a post-truth world that is also fragmented through specialization, as Ship mentioned. Trivia in the future will be answering with something that sounds tru-ish and then gaslighting the other players into believing it.

I bailed on The Magicians after 2 episodes. It has the same problem as most streaming series in that it has no idea about how to structure an episode. It’s just 60 minutes of stuff happening with no resolution so that you will just roll into the next episode.
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Sonic 2 should involve the chaos emeralds somehow. Wow I listened to this show since 2008 and this is the 1st time I’m commenting. I just want to say that I come back every week for the humorous banter. Keep up the good work
I haven't seen Sonic yet but I'd love to win it and watch it to have a better idea of what to want in the sequel. I guess I'd like to see Knuckles in the next movie but none if the other characters that kept getting added to the games over the years. Maybe throw in some of the game music and levels would be cool.

Cheapy, I have to say once again like last week with Peter Weller, you made me laugh like a crazy person while I was enjoying the CAGcast on my run. The refurb Corona Virus tests at GameStop was incredible. Keep up the great work and allowing the time I spend outside running to continue to be productive physically and keeping me in a great mood while running.

Wombat, your V Bucks idea isn't that far fetched to me. Even a little discount can increase purchases. Just look at baseball games that would have dollar hot dogs and then sell eat more tickets to the games. Not sure what GameStop could entice Epic to let them do it when they could sell them on their own site but it's not outlandish.

Shipwreck, you might be the first person I've ever heard liking TMNT3 better than the original. I don't have the nostalgia for it like I did the original 2 but I'd have to see them again. The original cartoon was what I really liked.

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Sonic 2 hopefully has both Tails and Knuckles, would like to see the other friends of Sonic in there but knowing how the industry works they will shove everyone in there so they can make as much merch as possible from them instead of keeping a good story going. Only time will tell. 

Sonic Sequel should be a crossover with Space Channel 5. ULALA!

ps - Wombat was right about the GameStop idea!

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