CAGcast #633: Happy Birthday Wombat!


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The birthday celebration month kicks off with Streets of Rage 4, Moving Out, Racket Fury VR, SnowRunner, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Tropico 6: Spitter, and so so much more!

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Intro - Diplo says Cheap Ass Gamer + SNBRN feat. Kaleena Zanders - California (Chris Lake & Matroda Remix)
Outro - TheSushiDragon x CAG x Shroud

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Hey I won!  I think I've entered every CAG raffle and contest over the years and this is my first get.

Great show as always, thanks for the years of entertainment.

I watched the entire season of "Never Have I Ever" after Cheapy posted about it on twitter. Thanks for the recommendation. It's similar to shows like Ugly Betty or Jane the Virgin except it's based more in reality (Ugly Betty and Jane the Virgin had some zany over-the-top soap opera moments).

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Cheapy, how's your back pain these days? You might have talked about this on a past show but what do you make of the pseudo-science associated with John Sarno's treatement? I just started reading his book.

Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox later this year. I’m planning on using the code for two weeks of GamePass that I got with my Elite Series 2 controller, to play it then.

We want to ensure that Gears Tactics feels right at home on a console and not like a port, so our team is working hard on designing a custom quality experience. Expect Gears Tactics to be playable on your Xbox console later this year.

TLDR: Yes, late 2020.
Cheapy, how's your back pain these days? You might have talked about this on a past show but what do you make of the pseudo-science associated with John Sarno's treatement? I just started reading his book.
I have almost zero back pain except under
stressful events. If it does pop up, the pain is much less severe and shorter because I can associate it with TMS.

I think there is a difference between pseudoscience and scientific opinions that are held in the minority. There are plenty of medical doctors who agree with Sarno, but the vast majority do not.
Do any of you ever plan on playing Death Stranding through to the end?  I believe only Cheapy dipped his toe in with a library rental.

Never expected to be saying this, but I think this game may actually be my favorite ever.  Last night, I platinumed the game after putting over 150 hours in (I've heard you can finish in 35-50, so don't use my time as a metric).  It is my first PS platinum trophy.

Hearing Wombat compare it to that Ice Road Mud Trucking game kinda hurt my soul.

I want to thank Wombat and Ship for a few recommendations on previous shows. I've been playing a lot of Slay the Spire on my Switch utilizing the comfort of the Satisfye Switch grip. I purchased the grip mere seconds after he recommended it on a past show. It's the accessory I never knew I needed. And Slay the Spire has been like comfort food lately. Weekend mornings enjoying coffee and games have been much better with those two products in my life. Thanks and keep up the great work!

P.S. - Been listening since before I had kids. My oldest is almost 10 and i remember when Tai was a baby. Where does the time go?

Long time lurker and listener but I don't post much!! Love the banter, appreciate the gaming perspective, and also have enjoyed the personal stories about ping pong, kids, etc.

But what has happened to the Cagcast?? I'm hearing more about Flappy Bird, Fortnite, and Power Rangers than the AAA titles for any system. I remember you guys talking in depth about Red Faction Guerilla, Assassins Creed 2, etc. Now it's Fortnite and Power Rangers?


Keep up the good work!
I have been listening to some old podcasts. Cheapy recommended Overcooked. Its a really good, but my wife gets sooo mad playing. She basically refuses to play. Does Cheapy's wife get mad too?

I was excited when I saw that Overcooked 2 has online, I get to play with family and a phone for yelling at each other. So fun. 

bread's done