CAGcast #634: How Wombat Really Got His Name

If it makes you feel any better Cheapy, I remember discovering the CAGcast a year or 2 after it's start. After a while, I decided I wanted to listen to every single episode of my favorite podcast, only to find I had to listen to the first chunk in my mobile browser, without locking my phone. So I'm sure there's someone out there with those same feelings. Hell, I might revisit some old episodes myself now that they're more accessible.

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isn't there an app where you can listen to all the episodes? why is cheapy trying to get all the episodes in the apple podcast feed when they are all available in his own app?

Another great show guys! Good to hear you talk about college and fraternities, its been years since you talked about that. I remember asking about what fraternities you guys were members of in 10+ years ago and you guys answered. 

Do you still have shirts or other swag from the fraternity life? I've got a few sweatshirts and fancy mugs most of it in storage. 

Also was Mrs. Shipwreck in a sorority?  

Keep up the good work. 

Another great CAGcast. I was very entertaining learning Wombat's origin story.

My question would be: if you were able to see your lifetime video game playtime, what do you think your top 3 most played games would be?

Thanks for taking the time each week to entertain us.
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