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The gang talks about all the stuff Wombat has been watching, Ghosts of Tackapausha, Culling Origins, Robocop in Mortal Kombat, and the Summer of Geoff Keighly.

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Intro - Gorgon City, DRAMA - Nobody (Terrace Dub / Visualiser)
Outro - Electric Blue Music Theme

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No, a 12 year old should not be watching "What We Do In The Shadows"

Which means you should let Tai know not to talk about it with other 12 year olds when you let him watch it.

Also: The 3 of you should be watching the Harley Quinn show on DCU. It is indeed a little hard to wrap your head around the "Why" it exists, but it is fucking hilarious. Think "Brave and the Bold", but with cursing.

I won! Yay! Thank you CAG & Lenovo!

Edit: Message sent to Cheapy here on CAG the original day of this post. Still shows up as not yet read. Hopefully, I did not screw it up somehow.

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Wombat, I believe you see Mandalorian's face in
Episode 8, when he gets injured and no one is around except the robot and the robot heals him.

I was playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey the other night and thinking how long and boring it was riding my horse from one mission to the next. It's a great game overall but it has bad horse riding over empty places for sure. Funny that you guys talked about that this episode after I was just thinking how much I dislike that. I hope next gen they shrink empty maps instead of just making them large to say "This is the biggest playing field we have ever given you"

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Great show, as usual.

Wombat was *technically* correct about Atari combining titles to get "Pong Quest". The "quest" comes from "Sword Quest", the short-lived RPG series for the 2600, and was no doubt pitched to capitalize on the sudden interest surrounding the games few years back. It was the series with the high-score contest that offered winners a holy grail, a sword, a gem or a crown. There was even a recent comic book about it, which I'm sure they thought would still be running by the time Pong Quest released.
What we do in the Shadows, while amazing, is definitely not suitable for a 12 year old.  There is a whole episode about the Vampires feuding with werewolves over them peeing on their vagina shaped hedges. (the favorite of which is modeled after his own mothers).   

Also, it is on FX, not TBS but on Hulu it is uncensored with a ton of "potty language"

Really liked the show recommendation of Upload, watched Season 1 on Prime. The episodes aren't too long, and there is some good humour. Highly recommend!
My daughters and I are big Laika fans. Kubo is a great movie and my personal favorite from their catalog. Like Sabrina, my daughters have been rewatching seasons of shows they enjoy. This migrated to multiple viewings of Coraline. So, one of the things I picked up for their birthday this Sunday is the Coraline soundtrack on vinyl. 

I have been watching a lot of DDD lately as well. I think the Takeout shows aren't too bad. My biggest issue overall is that the show makes me hungry and I don't have the necessary ingredients to replicate the dishes.

I feel geek points should be taken from Wombat and Shipwreck for not knowing the Mandalorian's face was shown in the series since it is a key character arc scene. Then give those points to Cheapy's kid who obviously pays closer attention to story.

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