CAGcast #642: Wombat Kombat


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The gang talks $70 game prices, Dr. Disrespect ban, Dungeons III, and oh so much more!

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Intro - Claude VonStroke feat. Barry Drift - "I'm Solo" [DIRTYBIRD]
Outro - Wombat sings
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I tried going back to find out what the auction site is that Shipwreck has been using, but I can't find the Cagcast and/or time it was mentioned...

So, what auction site are you getting these deals from Ship? Maybe they can be a sponsor!
That Ping Pod place sounds pretty neat. Yes, please live stream from it. BTW, you didn't mention who you played with. Did Tai go with you or did you meet someone up there? I looked on my iPhone & iPad and I literally cannot locate the app. A Google search also didn't bring up anything with the name 'Ping Pod'. So they only have 1 'pod'?

Angry Joe is another guy whose name tells you all you need to know.

I’ve almost finished The Last of Us 2 and it’s not nearly as harrowing as you might think. There’s nothing in it as repulsive as an average episode of Network TV’s number one torture porn serial, Criminal Minds, or as scary as going into an Ohio Walmart in 2020.
Good show guys. Rocket League fan here. Hey CAG Citricbase , I think thats what Cheapy said, I'm always down with some Rocket League. My friends never want to play it. I'm platinum in 2s and 3s if you ever want to team up.
bread's done