CAGcast #667: Brain Garbage


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The gang talks Cyberpunk 2077 updates, new Star Wars and Indiana Jones games, and oh so much more!
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Intro - Disclosure - Tondo
Outro - DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer - "Slap Chop Rap"

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When you can’t even keep your co-hosts interested enough to ignore chat and participate in the podcast, you shouldn’t be surprised you’re not getting a lot of feedback (except for shitty ones like this) or emails about the show.
Oops, double post. As long as I’m here, what kind of games does Cheapy even like anymore? I thought he was enjoying the world of Yakuza, but if 30+ hours is too much for you, maybe you’re a casual gamer now?
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Less comments here because now they are split with YouTube. It’s still my favorite podcast.

Regarding Cheapy’s smart tv, generally you’re better off with Apple TV or Roku than the built in apps or streaming from an Xbox. Sure the Xbox has the power, but the experience is better with a standalone system, plus it won’t put you in game mode.
Hey Cheapy and gang,

What is the difference between the release launches of Cyberpunk 2077 and Fallout Las Vegas? I seem to recall both games were released with game breaking bugs. Why is it that Cyberpunk seems to get more bad press than Fallout Las Vegas?

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Love the show and have since episode 1.  Some constructive criticism and a question:

Lately, as the focus of the show has shifted to Twitter/those watching live, both Cheapy and Wombat have become more like people you're trying to have a conversation with who refuse to look up from their phones. Cheapy, who is almost always charmingly disinterested in every conversation, was caught multiple times literally not paying attention during his own shaq-fuing show. Wombat is also consistently getting lost in the chat and even Ship is now distracted. Maybe break up the show into thirds and have one person read the feed and field questions while the other two focus on what's kept us here for almost 700 episodes.

Question: Before the pandemic, Wombat's excuse for his legendary laziness was that he didn't have time to exercise. Now that he hasn't had a commute for almost a year, has he taken the time to start getting more fit or no? 

The knife bit ad left me a bit triggered.  We bought a new sharp knife collection recently and have managed to slice open farious fingers between the wife/myself while washing these things by hand.  Fun show as always.  Distracted Cheapy being called out by Ship was a fun new twist on the show!

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