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The gang give a Cyberpunk 2077 update, talk Oculus Quest 2 and Eleven Table Tennis, Xbox Game Pass, Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic, and so much more!

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Intro - Erica Banks - Buss It (YUKI Remix)
Outro - GameAttack Raid

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Glad someone from the CAGcast finally jumped on the Oculus Quest bandwagon. People don’t get it until they try it. I still think the best game is Beat Saber.

Cheaply, there was also an Oculus video of the Tokyo nightclubs. Would like to hear your take.
Glad someone from the CAGcast finally jumped on the Oculus Quest bandwagon. People don’t get it until they try it. I still think the best game is Beat Saber.

Cheaply, there was also an Oculus video of the Tokyo nightclubs. Would like to hear your take.
Got a link?

I totally agree with Wombat that my anxiety lies with the fact that we're closer to the finish line, and it keeps being moved by the fuck ing jamokes who refuse to wear a mask. I do feel with the older-than-CheapyD viewer that he has a family that relies on him, yet is forced to go into the city as an essential worker, and only just qualified for the vaccine. I've walked into a OTDA office that still served the public back in the summer and I was just shocked at the amount of chaos there was, and was recently told the welfare workers also just qualified for the vaccine even though they probably deal with half as much people as first responders.  The priorities are just crazy, especially when the rollout is too much like getting a new Xbox, a lot of units shipped, but honestly how many people got it?

Anyway, the CAGCast and ProperModPod have been a great help through this insane year. 

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So...I finished Cyberpunk and felt like I'd just pushed buttons until the credits rolled. Nothing felt as though it had any weight to it, whether story or gameplay there was just nothing there for me. Cyberpunk isn't even a pale shadow of The Witcher 3. Where Witcher 3 wove a rich tapestry of tales worth the telling, Cyberpunk managed to jot a name you won't remember and a number you shouldn't call on a filthy diner napkin.

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The only thing more obnoxious than VR enthusiasts trying to push VR on others is people dismissing VR without having any real time with VR. 

The Vive and Index provide a superior experience, especially when paired with a wireless adapter - but they rarely see use in my house because of the setup and dedicated space needed.  The Oculus Quest solves for this.

My game recommendations are Pistol Whip and Superhot VR.

Also, it's amazing to play the Quest outside - I've set up some ridiculous sized spaces.  Just don't let sunlight come into contact with the sensors on the front (cameras).  It will permanently damage it.

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Exited to hear Cheapy took the plunge into buying the Quest and is enjoying wireless VR. I got one at launch and I've lost 25 lbs playing "games" like FitXR and Racket: Nx, so I apricated the workout he said he was getting. I believe he mentioned playing SuperHot VR on PlayStation, but it takes on a different feel without a cord to worry about. Same with 360 degree mode in Beat Saber. (I also recommend Pistol Whip as others have, if he is into Beat Saber meets SuperHot meets John Wick with a techno soundtrack.)

In case he wasn't aware, if you double tap the side of the headset you are put into pass thru mode so you can see your surroundings. I've heard that's not clear to everyone.

Would be great to get Ship and Wombat into the fold but it doesn't seem like that will happen until there is a killer app that pulls at their heartstrings. Maybe "Population: One", which is a Fortnight like game? Or Borderlands 2 VR (which you can play with the Oculus Link)? Can also watch NBA and College games in VR, or play Virtual Boy games via sideloading. No classic rock band documentaries or Supermarket Sweep games yet though.

Ah well..I tried. 

Shout-out to @Wombat for his recent HelloFresh recommendation. As the only carnivore in our house, dinners are always vegetarian. However, I took on the challenge of making two HelloFresh meals at once last week and added the Warm Buttered Shrimp Rolls as an extra meal for myself. It did not disappoint!

Fun cast, guys, thanks for your efforts as always!

@cheapy, I'm also a big fan of Dredd, wondering how Tai handled the ultra-violence?

I know it came out after this week's cast, but I'm REALLY enjoying the Series X upgrade that came out for Marvel's Avengers. I don't care about multiplayer, but I'm really enjoying the campaign. For $30 it's well worth it, and it looks absolutely fantastic in 60fps.

Great use of the CAGs On News theme, now does anyone have that audio clip of the original so I can use it as a ring tone to annoy people? I know I could get it for super old episodes but just seeing if anyone has it.

Also great show! Cheapy had Tai seen Dredd before? Have you let him watch The Raid 1 and 2?

Take Cheapy’s  VR praise with a grain of salt.  When Vr first showed up at the expo Cheapy was all excited.  When it launched all Cheapy did was bitch, moan and complain about everything VR related.  Never gave VR a true chance.   The biggest complaint more so than the PSVR cable setup was the isolation factor of VR. (Listen to the past Cagcast)   That is why Shipwreck was like Meh when Cheapy had his road to Damascus moment with the Quest.  It didn’t address their main bitchfest.  The only way ship will get a Quest if it is inthe clearance bin for 80% off  at Target or Cheapy buys him one.

VR titles that came out and were mentioned in the show never really got the attention or respect that they deserved.  The one of the very few  praises vr would occasionally get is  “A least Sony is still supporting VR”  For all the Cagcast members that love, VR the show should have had a guest host who loves VR do spot VR reviews.

I will say this Wombat has been the most consistent on VR LOL.

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