CAGcast #695: Why Are My Feet Wet?


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Good show, guys. Hope Cheapy's flood damage isn't too bad, and is covered by insurance... that sucks, man. Although you're right, it would have been a very entertaining Twitch stream :)

Regarding Titans, yeah, they can "make" Lazarus pits now? Stoner Scarecrow says that Ras left one where even Batman didn't know... and was it really the basement of Arkham? I'm confused. At least Jason Todd is more tolerable wearing the Red Hood mask.

Game-wise, working through the AC Valhalla Paris DLC, then will try Black Panther and the Maneater DLC. 

Question for Wombat... how do you happen to have enough time to stream so many shows AND put so much gametime in? What's your secret, I'm a bit jealous!

One other question, can you explain what these "raids" are you've been doing? I have no idea and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

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CheapyD, with that much water... there's no way you don't have some water damage.  You should really call your insurance and see if it's covered (which I think is unlikely).  Anything wooden that the water has touched will likely be trash, if it touched the drywall (if you have drywall) then it's likely the first few feet of drywall will need to be replaced, you can verify using a cheap moisture meter.

A remediation company can probably give you some good tips on what to do.

At the very least you want to try and get your hands on a dehumidifier and blowers, you can usually rent these from home depot type of store, though... I think you might be out of luck at the moment.

Hey Wombat, I may be wrong but I don't think that any public school is having a hard time teaching about MLK. 

On the true crime comedy front, I think you guys would really love “Search Party”. HBO plus, half hour. Watch this boys worthy. Thanks for another great episode. Good luck Cheapy with that Wet ass carpet.
Wombat: "The actor that plays Jason Todd is the most annoying person on the planet."

Oh, you mean the guy who is portraying a character that in 1988 people paid $0.50 (equivalent to $27.58) per-call so the Joker would beat him to death with a crowbar is annoying and not the actual character?

*WHEW*, I thought Jason Todd was an annoying character that people disliked there for a second.

Thanks for the analysis.

+1 for shipwreck, I finally did the paramount plus, just to let a child watch the paw patrol movie. sadly, I saw little else worthy of my free time.... 

regarding boycotts, I uninstalled all my Blizzard games after they punished Blitzchung. I told people I wasn't going to be playing anymore Blizzard games, I said why, but I never told other people to do the same thing. it's a personal choice. The recent events there just reinforced things for me, how other people handle them is on them. I don't get angry if people continue to play their games, I just won't personally participate.

in regards to the cartoon network hotel, seems like it would be a neat experience when things finally get up and running. felt like another topic where shipwreck was dismissive. glad the kids enjoyed themselves.

with the crazy water there, yeah, check the drywall, glad your electronics made it, save for the webcam, and Wombat, I don't think you're right about the warranty with that kind of thing. it covers more manufacture defects, this was caused by cheapy, and while not intentional, would not be covered by warranty. 

keep staying safe guys, thanks for the show.

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Saw wombats tweet about the Maneater team, looks like you need to toss $15 their way now!  I've never seen a CEO bounced so quickly!  53hrs.  I haven't even finished the campaign (playing on game pass) but I might buy the expansion just to show some support.

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I know this is a late reply, but I just listened to this podcast today.

I know maybe I'm  making a big deal about but I don't think Wombat's comment about a person backtracking on youtube after being confronted was really accurate.

I'm not the original guy on youtube who accused Wombat of virtue signaling, but I AM the guy who made a comment saying that I agreed with him on wombat's virtue signaling getting out of hand. Minutes later, I made a post saying I was just kidding around . I guess technically I did backtrack , but it wasn't because I was confronted.   I wasn't even confronted by anybody at all, for all I know nobody had actually read it.

There is a difference between the  situations when you take into consideration Cheapy D's comments. My "backtracking " post was basically saying jk about Wombat's virtue signaling actually  "getting out of hand".  I DO still stand by my comment that there where a few times when I thought Wombat came across as virtue signaling, but they were so minor and slight that it wasn't a big deal enough to remember the details, or enough to turn away from the show.  And yes I would say it your face in person, because honestly I don't think it's that offensive.  So wombat whatever you say , dude

PS- I'm hurt and bitter about this so I am going to backtrack and say I didn't actually mean it when I said "Wombat is hilarious" on my youtube comment

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