CAGcast #715: Committed to Excellence


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For the "watch this" segment, I don't think you have to refer to the audience. Just call it "Hey, watch this."

The Geonosians were the aliens who created the first deathstar plans. They were the winged aliens at the arena. Kamino is the planet where the clones were made.

Off the top of my head, Temeura is 60. Just checked, he's 61.

Yeah, the Disney+ Star Wars shows are full of cringey/cheesy moments and protagonists doing stupid things. I still enjoy them. I also thought the "mods" characters were a tad out of place.

Would probably be easier to know if a Switch game is new or not if you actually took the time to watch the Direct. Just an idea.
"Who remembers what happened in SW Episode 2?" made me laugh, because I sure don't.

Are any of you still watching Peacemaker? It quickly got more dramatic than the super-jokey first few episodes, but is still quite funny. I'm really enjoying it. Bonus, it's short and there's only one more episode this season. John Cena is a great comic talent.

After Party is great, the humor does remind me of the Jump Street movies at times, which makes sense since it's the same producers.

I'm hoping the lack of a cagcast this week is so you can talk about the Peacemaker finale. Because it's worth talking about!

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