CAGcast #721: This Ride Sucks


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I hate randomness in online multiplayer shooters.  I only play online multiplayer shooters where all the other humans and weapons are in the exact same spot every time XD 

Wombat, give Our Flag Means Death more time. The first episode is a pilot. I almost gave up after that too. The story arc doesn’t start til around ep 4. Then it becomes something special.

Not a carbon copy of What we do in the shadows (which I also love).
Jeez can’t Cheapy just admit when he’s wrong about something? Wombat couldn’t even finish reading my comment without Cheapy interrupting and completely dismissing it by doubling down to make his argument even more nonsensical by saying he was referring to “the randomness of everything” being addictive. Lol dude just say you were wrong and be done with it.
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