CAGcast #725: Ben Cooper Battle Royale

I started Trek to Yomi; looks great, but the gameplay was a bit boring to me.

Thanks for mentioning RiffTrax the game, I had no idea it existed... looked up reviews, and it's supposed to be good!

I bought it immediately, will give it a try.

Very glad that cheapy will finally see Evil Dead 2. Which of course comes on 4k disc, as does Evil Dead 1. 4k streaming of these looks great, too.

I gave Warzone a try to see Godzilla V King Kong, it was weird but cool. I got killed by Kong. I tried to get close enough to get killed by Godzilla but the other players kept killing me before G had a chance. Kong jumps around a lot.

Ben Cooper Godzilla costume:

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I had a couple of roommates who were Lego people and Cheapy summed up my feelings about it. The old school sets where they just gave you a box of bricks and some pictures of things you could make seemed a lot more interesting than the new ones that are essentially blocky model kits. I never got it and I hated always having our main table covered with the damn things.

Cheapy - I think you're spot on comparing Lego to IKEA. There's a thing in psychology called the 'IKEA Effect' where, because you put effort into assembling the furniture, you value the final product more. There is an article in Psychology Today ( that also makes that connection with Legos. Because the toy isn't just ready to go out of the box, even if all you do is follow instructions, you're brain rewards you for the effort you put into making it from chaos. 

The real question is, is this psychological hack as bad as loot boxes or Fortnite? Would love to hear you and Wombat peck at each other about that.

Finally, thanks for doing the fundraiser for CTF - it's a great cause and the organization is very well rated by Charity Navigator (92.6%)

Is it also the same effect people get when following guides to get 1000gs on a game? Seems like it could be. Still can be fun, of course.
I stumbled into The Pentaverate and watched the whole damn thing.  It was like eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's.  You don't feel good doing it but it sure was enjoyable.  Mike Myers, Adam Sandler and Jim Carey are funny guys even if you end up groaning when you aren't laughing.  

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