CAGcast #731: The New Home of Jumping Food


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The Classic games published by Sony like Ape Escape are available to buy. The ones you can’t buy are published by companies like Capcom and Namco Bandai.

I just went thru all 38 Classics and there are only 3 you cannot purchase:

Mr Driller
Resident Evil DC
Tekken 2
Since you brought up Ohio being weird for how much we trust people to do the right thing, are we also the only state with you-pick junkyards and strawberry fields?
Well, you got me to have another run at What Remains of Edith Finch? I've been on an adventure/point and click game kick lately and I'm super glad I didn't miss this one. A perfect Game Pass game, IMHO and one I probably would have missed were it not on the service.
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I've been catching up and I know Wombat was joking about Gov. DeWine only sucking until recently, but he's been awful since the start. He was pushing heartbeat bills pretty quickly after getting into office, but his response to COVID was at least more reasonable than most of the GOP governors.

Cheapy, very exciting to hear about your DJ lessons and I'm looking forward to you posting videos of yourself DJing/scratching in the future. I laughed out loud when Wombat was fist pumping and imitating pseudo DJs.
I think it's funny when people write to you guys about how they're going to stop listening to the show because of something you said. I don't always agree with everything you guys say, but I will continue to listen because I enjoy hearing your viewpoints. I love the show and have been listening since episode one - I can even remember asking the CAGbag if you guys wanted to have children... Time flies.
P.S. I still wear my Wombat T-shirt from years ago. Anyone still have one of those?
P.S.S. I had to look this up, but apparently the bandana on my avatar originates from the Wombat Liberation Army (WLA) from 2006? Not really sure how that started, but find it hilarious that was an actual thing. I found some thread where JimmieMac is arguing with everyone about something and it made me think back on the good ol' days.
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Been a while since I posted but I'm still listening to the podcast regularly.  Just wanted to let you guys know that the show is super high quality and really entertaining.  And now I know for sure you guys are cool since you mentioned enjoying the Radiohead Kid Amnesia demo game thing.

Since I rarely have time for games these days, what is one recent must-play single player game that you guys recommend? No FPS or sports games.

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