CAGcast #734: Ping Pong is My Passion


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Hey Shipwreck, Wombat - Thanks for sharing what other hobbies and interests CheapyD is very into. I'll have to look into opening a business - may be a club or deli (that likes his shirts) - near him so that I may benefit from his free janitorial service, free managerial and food stocking assistance, and free DJ and graphical design expertise.

J/k :) Very noble of CheapyD to help out a local business, even if it's allegedly for him to keep his tabletop tennis club.

Are there any hobbies or interests that Shipwreck and Wombat have that would make them go as far as CheapyD has? Well, maybe not that far ...

I do think it's fair of Shipwreck and Wombat to think it's a bit strange, though. Who volunteers to clean publicly used toilets ... for free? Also, CheapyD saying he had his own business cards made caused me to laugh out loud so much.

It was even funnier when CheapyD got really defensive when Shipwreck and Wombat tried to compliment him.

I tend to agree with Shipwreck that CheapyD is trying to takeover this business, whether he thinks so or not. Looking forward to hearing what business role CheapyD usurps next from the owner ... and then hearing CheapyD adamantly deny doing so and that he's really a "jerk" when Shipwreck and Wombat accuse him of being too nice.

Love the show! Hope all of you and your families are having a wonderful summer!
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Re: the WB taking significant measures to reposition their DC properties, what franchise would you most like brought back/rebooted and how so?

My hope is a return for a Donner inspired Superman movie (no Henry Cavil is fine). I am not a fan of the Synderverse and would be happy to see it go. Was so disappointed by Superman Returns as well. Singer was the wrong director for that reboot. I hope WB takes another shot with the Williams theme.

Wombat - Have you read Superman 78? That would be an awesome Superman movie.
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The Batgirl movie wasn't finished.  They were in the editing process.  The special effects weren't completed.  There was a siginificant amount of money still to be spent to get it done.  They weighed the return vs future costs and the return just wasn't going to be there and they could take a tax write-off for Q3 if they stopped it right away.  

Subscriber adds are no longer the end all number investors want.  Investors are focused on profit and they punished Netflix just for slowing down.  Warner Brothers Discovery presented their Q2 earnings on Thursday night reports reporting a $3.42 billion loss and the stock lost $7 billion of value in a day.  They have to start cutting costs.

WBD announced that the Flash movie will still be released next year.  Aquaman 2 won't be far behind.  There was a big push for Black Adam as the San Diego Comic Con a couple of weeks ago.  WBD isn't giving up on DC movies but they aren't going to be Disney and make endless amounts of movie and TV shows for every character.  The Batgirl, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey type movies won't be happening.  The big stuff still will.

HBO Max already has a version with ads that is $10 a month.  It's $15 a month for the commercial free.  That's been around for over a year now.  They also plan to merge HBO Max and Discovery+ with some of the CNN+ stuff that was scrapped into 1 platform in mid 2023.

Cheapy’s eccentric millionaire lifestyle is enviable. I wish I could spend my weekdays volunteering at a local ping pong club, or something equivalent.
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Cheapys new hobby of slowly taking over someone else’s business was probably the funniest segment of the show in the last 100 episodes. Too bad there are not more people with that much free time to take it upon themselves to make the community better for free. We really need more janitorial volunteers all around.

Inputting a digital game doesn’t really take anymore time than physical. I typically will buy one game digitally at a time, and I can add it to GAMEYE in less than a minute. I’ve never tackled my Steam library, that would take a lot of effort. Maybe going forward I can make an excel spreadsheet though, for long term sustainability…

We also have had the same ikea couch Wombat bought for a few years. It was a good first couch for the living room, and we now use it in our game room. After my brother in law got really drunk, stripped naked and slept on it the night before my wedding, it was nice to be able to take the covers on the cushions off and wash them without much hassle….
I am so glad I am not the only one who wants more Skylanders. It makes so much sense to release a new Skylanders game where characters are unlocked via gameplay and completely digital. It would be nice if there was some bonus or special unlock if you have physical characters as well. Hopefully this is on a roadmap somewhere.

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