CAGcast #742: Cash Grab

I'm surprised you guys are so down on the Mario movie trailer. It just looks like high fidelity Mario to me, seems like they actually care about the Mario universe. I had low expectations before watching it, but I think it actually looks good. My only complaint right now is Mario just sounds like Chris Pratt.

This episode gave me PTSD. I felt like I was back in my old job, stuck in some endless meeting where they were just tossing buzzwords at each other and smugly nodding.

I’m surprised how pessimistic you guys are about the Mario movie. It’s freaking Mario. It’s going to make a stupid amount of money no matter how bad it is. If you were born after 1980, there is a pretty good chance either you, or your children, or both, care about seeing the Mario movie, no matter how badly miscast the voice actor is. I’m sure even you guys have seen the awful Super Mario Bros movie more than one time, and that was abysmal.

Also, in CAGcast 378 Wombat says he has size eight feet, and damn dude, I didn’t know grown mens feet could be so tiny. I’m sorry Wombat, that must be rough. 

You guys are missing burnout like many of us but the brains behind Burnout (Criterion) are releasing a new NFS title soon which should hopefully retain some flavor of crash and takedown. Hoping. NFS 2022
I want to take a moment to thank you for the pod. I waited until this weekend to listen until I was running my first 10k. Listening to the 3 of you helped me through this challenge.

Keep up the great work, look forward to you each and every week!
Two health related questions:

1. Wombat said to check back in in a couple of weeks for a fitness related update, so I'm checking back in.

2. Cheapy used to talk about taking fibre back in the day. Does he still? What kind would he recommend for a fellow AgingAssGamer?
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