CAGcast #750: Also Not Featuring Starfield


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Thanks for the discussion on the urology appointment! As a man in your age range it has been something I’ve worried about but hearing your down to earth discussion was hilarious and comforting! And don’t worry about being a pussy, what you did after proves your not that much of a pussy!
Have you had a colonoscopy yet? They put you under for that, so I think it would be a much easier procedure than the penis camera one.
The "Camera Down Your Dickhole" story is one of the funniest things I've heard discussed on the CAGcast in a while, lol. I once had a friend tell me about an STD test he had to have done where they shoved a massive Q-tip in his dickhole, but his story was nowhere near as entertaining as yours :rofl:  Great to hear that everything was OK, though!

Great show, as always! I look forward to the CAGcast every week and love hearing about you guys' lives. As an aging gamer myself, I'm finding the life stories more interesting than the gaming news most weeks.

Keep up the great work! 

Great episode.. the discussion about Star Wars inspired me to finally watch Return of the Jedi with my 8 year old (she's seen A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, so now she's seen all the ones that matter).

I hadn't seen the "special edition" Return of the Jedi until now. Most of the changes were dumb but passable, but man the celebration ending was ridiculous. They got rid of Yub Nub and replaced it with "Weesa Free?!". Old news I guess, but such an awkward and unnecessary change.

The kid enjoyed the movie, though, aside from the more prominent "murders", as she put it... Jar Jar's strangulation, the rancor's death (which wouldn't have mattered except then his handlers weep over him), and then Darth and the Emperor. I guess the dozens of other murders we saw (Stormtroopers, etc.) didn't matter.

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