CAGcast #760: The Worst Greatest Video Games List of All Time


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I love Gamechanger! Brennan Lee Mulligan is sooooo funny. I’ve been watching on TikTok forever, had no idea it was on a streaming service
Cheapy you were in Japan way too long.   New Yorkers aren't exactly known for being polite.  You go outside and tell these kids that this is private property and to get the fuck off your lawn.  You don't need a gun or bat or anything else.  All that is required is a loud voice and some balls.  

A couple of years ago my 75 year old father caught some construction workers drinking on his property.  They were working on the house next door and went into the trees.  He told them very loudly to get out and there were no problems.  If a little old man can do that then a tall Orange Theory record holder certainly shouldn't be intimidated.  Don't let these punks think they can come on your property and do what they want without permission.

Thanks for the entertainment!

@wombat are you still playing Snap? I dropped it for a month or so, then tried it yesterday while waiting for my kid to finish her piano lesson. Still fun.

Also the final Midnight Suns DLC (Storm) just dropped. Hoping to play it soon, and to hear your take on it. I probably wouldn't have bought Midnight Suns without your recommendation, and I love it.

Anyone see GOTG 3 yet? I thought it was a good wrap-up. I also hope they don't make any more. 

I think Phil Spencer wants to keep the idea that Xbox is in 3rd place in public eye due to them trying to acquire Activision. Either way even if Redfall wasn't buggy, seems like it's just a dull game.
Microsoft is getting it right with their smaller games like Pentiment or Hi-fi Rush.

Also, I know there are examples of games becoming worse or bland like Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty. But maybe you guys should play more indie games (or different types of games in general) if you think games haven't done anything to push the medium/be exciting past 2009 or so. Play Bloodborne! It definitely belongs in a top 10 games of all time! :D

I agree with almost all of your points about when video games somewhat plateaued as far as seeming to wow or innovate. I also have vivid memories of seeing CoD2 for the first time and being flabbergasted in a Walmart, looking at it on a 13 inch screen.

I don’t think anything has hurt the industry more though than its community. Video game fans are just not that fun to deal with online, and it really became much worse around the end of the 360/PS3 era. It stopped being nerds coming together to discuss their passion about games, and overwhelmingly became assholes arguing about nothing. The toxicity of the community has lead me to stop playing games online, and generally avoid forums.

In addition to the need for every game to be a game as service or free to play garbage. When the shift went from “let’s make a great single player experience” to “let’s rake in as much money from the online component”, that was another huge point in making games just less interesting or diverse.

Now a days a lot of the best experiences come from the indie and downloadable side, because at least there you get some quality experiences that aren’t trying to nickel and dime you.
Mobile games really demonstrate what you are talking about. I think the rise of mobile gaming has changed how developers and publishers think about games.  That's when gaming as a whole started to falter (that's not to say once in a while something great can come out)

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