CAGcast #766: No Trespooping!


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So I've been listening for quite a few years now and have heard cheapy say his house is famous, but I haven't heard what it's famous for. Could you elucidate it for me?
Cheapy you are quickly becoming a “Karen”. You’re actually mad that someone is throwing small bagged trash into your trashcan ? Hate to break it to you guy but you live in society. The way you were winding up the story I thought that a dog was pooping on your lawn. Would you rather have them not clean up the crap or just throw the bags on the sidewalk? give me a break. Garbageman have to deal with gross stuff all of the time and the stuff that’s not in bags is the worst.

No, I don’t care that you got some “next-door” types to agree with you on the Internet.
Cheapy it's not like you are going to actually do anything if you caught the person depositing poop in your garbage cans.  

Kids hang out and vape on your property.  Your neighbors roll boulders on your yard.  The mailman tells you have you have to change your house to accommodate what he wants.  Even the wild animals, raccoons if I remember, know that the Cheapy house is where you go to dig up a lawn without hassle.  For someone who appears to be in great shape and could be intimidating you're actually a big wimp.

Everyone loves to make fun of Wombat but no one walks over him.  Anyone tries these things at his house and Wombat is giving them an earful. 

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