CAGcast #775: This Used to Be My Playground


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Great show guys. Very happy to hear you are making great progress Wombat. Listen to cheapy and get that tshirt. Much love to all
Awesome work on your cholesterol numbers, Wombat!

Cheapy, I understand your reticence to try Pickleball, but with your paddle skills and long reach, you would totally dominate. You should find someone local to teach you, I think you’d actually really enjoy it.

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I'm done with Best Buy.  I preordered Spider-Man 2 for a birthday present.  I had bought a refrigerator from Best Buy and had $55 in rewards that I applied.  I preordered in early August for store pickup.  The Friday release day comes and my game isn't in.  I call customer service and was told they are out of stock but if I want to go to mid-town Manhattan they have lots of them.  I'm in Connecticut and say I just want what I preordered and I'm not going to the city to get it.  Nothing in on the weekend or Monday.  I check online on Tuesday and the store has copies listed.  I go in and am told those are for the shelf.  My preorder is a separate delivery and they don't know when it's coming in.  I have to cancel the order, buy 1 from the shelf at full price and wait a week to get my $55 in credit back.  Never again.

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