Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate YAY OR NAY!?

Thought there was a post about this game but couldn't find it....So I've seen a ton of mixed reviews on this game. It's currently sitting on my want list and I'm wondering what is the real consenus from people who have played this? I know it's not in the Symphony of the Night vain like the GBA\DS versions but is it worth a pickup?

I played a little of the demo but I've heard it's not a good representation of the final product. Metacritic sits around 72. Is it mainly that it's more action oriented and not sturctured like SOTN that turned people off or is it just lackluster all around? Just can't seem to get a clear answer.

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I'm personally wondering about this game as well. I played the demo twice and it was pretty enjoyable, but I was hoping for a 3DS version of something like Dawn of Sorrow or Curse of the Moon. 

I like the art style and the combat to me is like a side scrolling God of War, it's just kinda difficult to dodge attacks sometimes for me. But this is just from the demo so I'd like to know as well OP.

Yes. Come in with a fresh perspective and dont listen to nostalgia bias of reviewers like IGN. Also i wouldnt advise playing MOF before playing the original console game......

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I played the game and loved it.  It's fairly straightforward 2D gameplay, but the story is great.  People complain about the length but for a portable game I think it is reasonable.  I completed 100% of the game on normal difficulty in 13-14 hours.  It also inspired me to go out and buy the first Lords of Shadow game and I just finished it on my PS3.  Playing them back to back I think they did a great job of translating that 3D world into this 2D one.  It's got me really excited for the next game coming this winter. 

Personally, I didn't enjoy the demo at all. I guess it's good that some people were enjoying it. For that matter, I didn't loveLords of Shadow either, but I thought it was at least okay. I thought Mirror of Fate was terrible. :|

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