cheap PSP??


I kinda want one but I don't wanna pay much. I prefer new... I'm afraid of getting a used or refurbished one with screen scratches and/or messed up pixels...
I have a code from Sony that'll give me $50 off any purchase of $199 or more. It expires 10/31/2006. One time use only. It's good towards purchases on their online Sony Style store, or at their B&M locations. There's no exclusions, so I guess it's good for a PSP as well.

I got this 'thank you promo' after a repair was required for one of my products sent to their repair centers.
I'm not looking for any set price... I'd just like to know what the cheapest deals out there are right now. I willing to hold out until the holiday shopping season if anyone strongly believes that there's gonna be a price drop and/or some super-sweet deals then.
Buy PSP now or wait for newest version w/ 8 GIG Flash Drive, dual stick, brighter screen, UMD improvement, PS3 download. Possible long battery life. You won't see new PSP untill 2007.
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