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[quote name='DonaldScrant']you do know it doesnt cost 4000 ms points on the marketplace, only 1200, so you are just riping us off[/quote]

I don't think he wants 4000 MS points FOR the code, I think he just has that as a general want.

CML for the code, otherwise I do have paypal I can offer.
Wow, that's why I mentioned I will add in paypal. I made it more clear for you on the OP - hope that helps.
Please read everything first instead of trying to thread crap...

EDIT: Actually, bought a 1600 point card, so I think I'll just trade it for something interesting of similar value. ;)
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[quote name='Hydro2Oxide']I hate to thread crap but that is obnoxious :bomb:[/quote]
Are you talking about the 360?
If so, it is a little hard to see it's full potential with the quality being reduced on my not so high quality digital camera, and it being daylight out. It looks a LOT better in person. So maybe that doesn't help too much, but figured it'd show what it does if nothing else.
I have got nothing but compliments at how cool it looks, but then again, to each their own. Not everyone is into the whole LED/case mod scene. ;)
[quote name='Scorch']As much as I hate to admit it -- that 360 is sexy and I would very much enjoy having it in my house.[/quote]
Thanks man. :)
Considering they are 25 new at blockbuster, I am not trying to pay a whole lot for it, especially if used, but I will make a good deal regardless.
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