Contest (CAG Foreplay #45): Win Beyond Good & Evil (PC)

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I already have Beyond Good and Evil for the PS2 but to chime in I want to bring up Mutant Leauge Football or any Mutant League games.
a proper Baldurs gate sequel (not this console crap that hit the PS2). With update rule sets and on the PC, it's true home. I'd fall in love :)
I think Sewer Shark needs a sequel. Maybe on the Wii using the Wiimote to shoot.

I thought those FMV games were cool way back when, but then again, I was 13ish.

My 2nd pick is not a sequel, put the Simpsons Arcade on the Live Arcade, big seller right there if it happens.
It's gotta be Trap Gunner for me. Hopefully if a sequel does get made, they'd find a way to not have the horrid slowdown of the original.
A game that needs a sequel is Spectrobes. i looved that game but that it could use more of a better story arc and maybe bring it to the Wii.
I loved Blast Corps too and think an updated Next-Gen sequel would be awesome, but the game I'd MOST like to see come out with a sequel, would be SMRPG. It'd be nice to include it in a compiliation as DavKeats suggested, but a standalone sequel on the Wii would be awesome. The first in itself was great and I think a little underappreciated. I think with the Wii's motion controls, it would make battling more interactive and a little more fun. They have so much to work with too, the possibilities are pretty great when you think about it. They've done so much with Mario (Olympics vs. Sonic?) that I think asking for a sequel to a game that was already special isn't asking too much.
I second Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines and third Eternal Darkness. I'd like to propose Star Wars: Republic Commando. I was going to propose Sid Meiers' Colonization, but that was announced a couple days ago. I'm also eagerly awaiting the next iteration of The Longest Journey.
Would love to see a Mega Man sequal in the next gen...not counting the stupid battle games on the DS. I liked Mega Man 64 an a game in that path would be awesome.
Although this is a realitivly new game I would love a sequal to The World Ends With You :ds: . I loved the story and gameplay. I would also like to see another KOTOR :360: game.
Pscyonauts, i'm not sure if i actually want a sequel or if i just want another game as brilliant as it
most games that i want a sequel for have been announced recently or already have sequels (i would say Starcraft 2 if that hadn't been announced already).

I guess I would have to say New Super Mario Bros. I love that game. I don't know if that counts as already a sequel or not. If not, then I guess I will have to go with Skies of Arcadia!
Probably will get disqualified for picking a game that already had a sequal, but we really need a Max Payne 3 - need to complete the trilogy.
Grim Fandango was a game that deserves a sequel. The world was amazing and the music was great. Sam & Max works well as an episodic comedy game which gives me hope that Grim Fandango could be brought back as a drama/comedy/mystery series.
Metal Arms needs a sequel. The game is to fun and varied not to mention challenging and down right funny. Great cast and story. Really unappreciated game.
Two votes: Red Steel and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Stop throwing stuff at me and hear me out! Now, I know Red Steel was a pretty big dissapointment for a lot of people, but I bought it at a CC clearance for $8. I'd heard so much crap about it that I was expecting something horrid, and instead it was a mediocre shooter, not terrible at all. I'd really like to see them take a second crack at it. No more zooming by moving the Wiimote towards the TV but I loved the sword fighting moves. Let's see some better graphics, a new story, and tightened controls and I think they'd have a winner. Plus, if they didn't, I could be a CAG and wait for it to get super cheap and enjoy it.

Now, I guess Ultimate Spider-Man may also seem like an odd choice, but they did so many cool things with that game. The cel-shading was very comic-booky, the story was great and it fit in almost perfectly with the Ultimate comic book continuity (darn Silver Sable forgetting Spidey's secret identity somehow!) it involved the series creator and artist, and Venom wasn't just a tacked on character - playing as him and Spidey was really different.

A couple of years ago I would have said Wind Waker needed a direct sequel, but I got my wish with Phantom Hourglass.
Day of the Tentacle sequel. You guys wouldnt believe how many times I have played and replayed that game. Although for a new one, Double Fine needs to be charge.
I would love to see a sequel to Grafitti Kingdom. The game had so much potential, but was far too short and easy.
Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross needs a continuation of the series. I heard something about a Chrono Break name trademarked by Squeenix but nothing ever came of it.
Star Fox Adventures. Placing Fox McCloud in an action/adventure setting was amazing. Too bad we'll never see a sequel, or a good sequel, with Rare over at Microsoft.
another vote for eternal darkness. it was a unique survival horror game and i really liked the settings. there are rumblings of a sequel...hopefully, it will eventually happen.
Ranger X for the genesis. It was a platform shooter, but side scroller. You had the person and a bike to control and you could morph or just fly around. Let's just say insane!
I'll go with TWEWY. I don't play too many RPGs, so something with a new approach deserves a sequel. Plus, there's lots more they can do with the concept.
Man, I wish Ehrgeiz (for the psone) had a sequel. It was cool playing a fighter with FF characters in it and the game had some cool mechanics. The dungeon crawler part of the game was cool too.
Street Fighter II. Maybe if you could go back in time and get rid of the millions of pseudo-sequels and make a single sequel for it, I'd be interested in playing SF 4. As it is, been there, done that, over and over again.

And yes, I chose this deliberately to flout the "no sequels of sequels" rule.
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