Contest (CAGcast #119) Win one of five copies of Critter Round-Up (WiiWare)!

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Rockhopper Penguin
Those giant yellow eyebrow things are awesome.


Or the platypus because how can you not love something with bird, mammal, and reptilian genes?
100% Agree with Cheapy on the tipping issue... I've teaching English in South Korea where we also don't tip for anything and all service I receive is awesome and not forced....

Its going to be hard to move back home in the next 3 months
Well wombats are awesome but i'd say... The Star nosed mole. i'd like to see those replacing the monty moles. if i were mario i would be too scared to jump on them. Get ready to be creeped out. it's huge.
I would say Gizmo

but if it has to be a reallll critter then

The Slender Loris
Giant Anteater! They get to be about 5 to 8 feet in length. Their three fingers have long claws that can eviscerate anyone foolish enough to upset them. They're the Wolverine of the animal kingdom.

And for the ladies:

it's tongue can extend upto 2 feet
Flying squirrels!!! Dude, they're freakin' squirrels that can fly. How terrifying is that. What if one just landed on your head?

That would suck!
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bread's done