Credit Card Annoyances


I pay off my bill every month, and it pisses me off to no end when I order something on like the 3rd or 4th and it just happens to be the last day of the billing cycle. It's completely random. I get a 30 day billing cycle, a 31 day. I had a 28 day once, and a 34 day billing cycle a couple years ago. 34!? Where'd that come from? Every statement says they want paid the 1st of the month. Well, I want my goddamn billing cycle to actually end the 1st of the month. Is that really so much to ask?

The expiration dates are stupid too. I've had about 4 different cards issued to me with the same expiration date because of the various web site hacks (like Monoprice a year or two ago). If you're going to give me a new card, bump the damn expiration date. Why even have those? I had the wrong date set for my card and still used it to order on Amazon for months without issues!!

The best screw up I've seen is a credit I haven't used since 2001 recently having fraudulent charges on it in spite of the fact I haven't actually activated a new card for that account in 14 years! Nice security.

I'd be glad to help with some advice, however most is obviously common sense.  Kind of in a hole now with a few store cards and not-too-high limit credit cards, but still far better a credit report than a year ago.  Expunge all bad credit with good credit, Try to keep the cards at around 15% total credit utilization (hard to stop once you start), and most importantly, make more than the minimum payment, and multiple payments per month even still.  Use the cards for a purchase and IMMEDIATELY use your cash to make the payment.  /endrant.   just making posts so i can share a link to a deal on the division i found...

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