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How to Destroy Angels:




She's also Trent Reznor's wife.
While my first few choices have been taken Manson (Garbage), Winehouse and not really having too many female choices in my faves, I'll go for one-hit-wonder (in my mind), a. morrissette. :)
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FU, I'm not a noob.

Gwen Stefani.
Otep is my favorite female led band.

If you meant a full female band then it would be kittie.

Odd though considering hockey is the only sport I will watch I dont have a game for it past the super nintendo.
[quote name='jakusotsu']I know I don't qualify but I like these types of topics


Amy Lee from Evanescence[/QUOTE]

[quote name='Keo_san']My fav has to be Shakira she so sexy

[quote name='NovaKane']Jean Grae all day!


screw you OP

i am voting regardless and posting pictures to spite you.



Natalia Jimenez from La Quinta Estacion.

:bouncy:...Es algo mas que la distancia
que el dolor y la nostalgia
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Only one person before me said Sheryl Crow? Damn. Also, no mention of Dido?

Sheryl Crow is probably my long time runner, but lately it's been Emily Haines of Metric.
I don't listen to a ton of music, so just to be crazy and out there:

Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA


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